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As a top-notch artificial plants factory in China, Sunwing provides the most extensive assortment of artificial plants, artificial hedges, and artificial grass manufacturing services for your industry.

80.000 m² factory space with 18+ years of experience, Sunwing designs and supplies unique artificial plants for our customers. Stocking over 3,000 products at any time, Sunwing has fast become a market-leading business in the fake plants’ industry.

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Artificial plants Manufacturer and Supplier
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Our Main customers are worldwide distributors, wholesalers, importers, and online retailers and chain stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. With our modern manufacturing services, we can reduce product costs and expedite production time. In comparison to the typical 23 month lead time in the industry, we are able to guarantee delivery within 3045 days. This quick turnaround time provides our customers with more inventory than their competitors at a faster rate.

Our experienced sales team works closely with highly skilled florists and talented designers to form the Sunwing Team. We offer a personalized service to all our customers, and we are on hand to help and advise from quote through to final orders. If you want to find a professional artificial plant supplier and manufacturer in China, Sunwing is your best choice.

Brilliant Artificial Hedges Wholesale

Wholesale artificial hedges are manufactured to a very high standard, coming complete with certified fresh PE materials and authentic additives to offer realistic foliage and colors both indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial settings.

We supply premium boxwood panels to over 30 artificial-landscape related brands, and our new artificial grass walls are widely used by designers, landscape developers and event organizers.

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Unique Vertical Garden Panels

When we say “unique”, we mean it – we can create bespoke unique artificial green wall plants panels that brighten up any space.

At SUNWING, we offer artificial garden walls with both PE panels and iron grid panels. Our plastic green walls panels mainly consist of artificial foliage and lightweight branches, while our iron grid panels are designed with numerous kinds of leaves sprayers for lush fashion statements.

With our extensive selection of vertical garden panels, you can breathe new life into your office space or garden.


Versatile Artificial Hedges in Planter

Used as barriers, boundary setters, or simply green backdrops, our artificial hedges in planters are perfect for a wide range of applications. In addition to more everyday uses, we also collaborate with various partners on projects such as green mazes and amusement park themes.

Whether you are working in retail, rentals, or wholesale, we can manufacture artificial box hedging according to your market’s demands.

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wholesale custom artificial plants, trees and topiaries

China Artificial Plants Wholesale

Sunwing is a China-based artificial plants supplier and manufacturer specialist. Select 2023 high-quality Artificial Potted Plants products at the best price from a certified Artificial Plants Factory. We offer Custom Artificial Plants, Artificial Indoor Trees, Bonsai Plants, Silk Greenery, and Artificial Topiaries.

We also cooperate with some competent peers. You could complete one-stop shopping and avoid time-consuming and energy costs in cross-shop procurement. For the best-selling and seasonal products, we will have a certain amount of inventory. We can quickly deliver the goods after the payment to avoid missing the best sales time.

Easy-to-Install Moss Wall Art

Bring the 100% Natural Beauty of Moss Walls & Moss Frames Art to your home or business. With creative bespoke designs, moss wall art can stand out of the interior space without any hassle or upkeep.

Thanks to premium-grade color ingredients and advanced manufacturing process, our natural lichen moss walls stay fresh year after year. Source fake moss panels bulk or preserved moss wholesale for resale or large projects assured with quality and lead time.

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Why Choose Sunwing Artificial Plants Factory?

Looking for authentic artificial hedge suppliers/manufacturers from China? Our artificial hedging plants have passed the CE, UV tests and other approval, and we have 18 years of experience in manufacturing eco-friendly plastic hedges and artificial plants. Here are the top six reasons for importing Sunwing fake hedges products.

  • Ultra-realistic Foliage and Endless Varieties
  • Custom Shapes, Endless Sizing and Different Dimensions
  • Wide Range of uses: Outdoor or Indoor, Multiple or One Time Use
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards with UV & fire protection
  • SGS certified non-heavy-metal environmental products
  • Free samples and bespoke options available

Artificial Plants & Artificial Hedges & Synthetic Grass Manufacturer and Supplier

Sunwing Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Artificial Plants & Trees. We supply Artificial Plants, Artificial Hedges, Plants Wall, and Synthetic Grass. Our products are highlyacclaimed for their quality, design, and reliability, and have earned us a strong reputation in over 50 countries, resulting in a loyal customer base.

Artificial Plants & Faux Hedges Photos From Our Clients

artificial hedge wall for the highway bridge

Artificial Foliage Wall, Highway Bridge, Dubai

artificial green wall outdoor UV-rated project

Artificial Hedge Wall Projects, Venezuela

artificial potted plants retail shop

Artificial Plants Sample Room, United States

Testimonials Endorsements from Our Clients

audited artificial plants manufacturer in China

I want to take this opportunity to thank SUNWING Industries Ltd. for their excellent artificial hedges. They went above and beyond the quality and service and completed our container orders under budget.

—— Corne Mulder/ Purchasing Manager 

I know several artificial plant manufacturers and suppliers from China, and you’ve got a great price-quality product. Above all, you have the greatest professionalism, sympathy, and kindness in dealing with orders. It is my greatest pleasure to work with you. Thank you very much.

—— Brodi Cortinas / Owner

It was a pleasure working with you to expand our artificial grass business. We imported large quantities of artificial turf rolls and grass walls. Honestly, I was impressed by their quality and efficiency. Nina Jing is involved with all aspects of our orders, so the whole process went very smoothly. All their faux plant products are at competitive prices, and they were able to make our purchase orders on schedule. We would become their distributor here in Scotland.

—— Simon Ingham / Director

Sunwing Global Partners

Sourcing Artificial plants & Artificial Hedges From Sunwing

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Established 2004
Strict Quality Control
Fast Production Time
Best Price Warranty
Flexible MOQ

20.000 SQ. Meter Warehouse
80.000 SQ. Meter Factory
Delivery Time Est.: 15-30 days
Factory Capacity: 700 HQ/year
200+ Sets of Machines

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For Brand Owners

If you are in the artificial plants industry and own your brand, We can produce and supply bulk fake plant orders and customize your unique logo package. At Sunwing, we have partnered with various businesses to bring their vision of artificial plant solutions to life. Our services are unparalleled, as we are committed to going the extra mile and working with our clients every step of the way to ensure their goals are met and their brand is successful in the marketplace.

For Manufacturer & Suppliers

If you are an artificial grass or artificial plants supplier, Sunwing artificial plants factory provides a wide range of artificial plants manufacturing services for you. By utilizing our state-of-the-art production facility, we are capable of providing excellent quality options to attract your desired clients. As a producer or vendor, you can be assured that our efficient manufacturing strategies are here to provide you with the top artificial plants products available.

For Distributors & Wholesalers

If you are a distributor or wholesaler, it is of the utmost importance for you to locate a reliable artificial plants manufacturer. As one of the most wellequipped China artificial plants suppliers, we provide the best products at a highly competitive price. This enables us to collaborate with you to offer your customers great value.

For Commercial Projects

Sunwing can turn your artificial plant design to satisfy your business goals if you are an artificial landscape and installation service company. We supply UV resistant artificial plants and fire-proof artificial hedges to meet indoor and outdoor projects. As a leading artificial plants manufacturer, Sunwing will assist you in completing your commercial project.

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