features of sunwing artificial plants wall panel

Sunwing Artificial Plants Wall Series

Personalizing an artificial plants wall is as easy as counting to three! Our plant wall series is fully customizable in color, texture, and shape. We use green as a base of the wall panels blended with other branches for a truly unique look and adaption to different spaces.


  • Sizes: Height: 100cm, width: 150cm
  • Coverage: 1 Panel = 1.5 sqm
  • Color Reference: Mixed colors
  • Manufacturing Process: Injection molded PE and manual foliage fixing system
  • Package: Three pieces a box (panel AX1, panel BX1, panel CX1)
  • Feature: Inherently UV-resistant, customizable fire-retardant
  • Warranty: 3-5 years worldwide


  • Ultra-realistic foliage
  • Color stability
  • Interlocking connection system
  • REACH & ROHS tested
sunwing plants wall 3-panel solution

What's 3-Panel Solution and How's it Working?

The unique artificial plants wall panel system consists of A, B, C panels to create a lush sense of space while ensuring easy installation. Each panel has its own characteristic thanks to designers’ new ideas injection.

  1. We DO NOT use identical patterns per panel;
  2. Our design team DOES NOT arrange plants in the same way;
  3. The easy-to-install interlocking system ensures NO cross lines.

Now it’s your turn to explore Research and Design Center’s collection of no-maintenance artificial vertical garden that provides exceptional depth and spread of foliage.

Why Our Plant Wall Panels Are Naturalistic?

artificial green wall panels handmade

Stunning Artificial Green Walls bring any space to life with realistic synthetic plant panel arrangements for indoors or outdoor areas. Sunwing™ artificial plant/foliage wall panels provide a realistic look and feel without all work of live plants. Detailed with lifelike leaves, 3D wall coverings create a biophilic, lush, varied, and customizable living space. It’s our mission to apply decades of landscaping expertise to refresh environments and recreate the beauty of nature.

Lush and More Varieties

More Colors and Tones DIY Options

Easy-to-install Snap & Lock System

Qualified UV and IFR Technology

Customization Extends from Plant Walls to Boxes

We devote ourselves to the personalization of green wall panels delivered to end customers. Through color, texture, shape, and package, customization ability is our highlight.

artificial plants wall customization extends to packing

1. Color

Sunwing designers use green as a base of the wall panels blended with seven other colors as you please, for a truly unique look and adaption to different spaces.

2. Shape

The “Palette” series comes in 1.5sqm per panel, but we can also arrange it in other sizes according to your project. Besides, with various plant heights, we can reshape the fake green wall you want.

3. Texture

After 14 years of designing and manufacturing fake plants, Sunwing green walls have been added even more depth and customization possibilities. Select based on your preference from the one-stop-shop here.

4. Packing

Faux green vertical wall panels are packed in three pieces a box, with the specific foliage and color you desire. Besides, it’s our pleasure to mark your company logo and present it on the outer box as you want.

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