Authentic Artificial Plants Manufacturer in China

Since 2004, Sunwing has focused on horticultural products, including Artificial Hedges, Artificial Green Walls, Artificial Plants & Trees, and Artificial Grass.

  • Built-to-spec Capabilities
  • Volume/Quantity Discounts
  • Updates on New Products
  • Fully Customizable Designs
  • 3-5 Years Warranty
  • ODM/OEM Orders

Currently, our factory boasts a 20,000sqm warehouse and 10,000sqm workshop, equipped with over 200 machines and hundreds of molds, allowing us to produce more than 3000 different artificial plant varieties. Mass production ensures that we can deliver goods in a short lead time (15-45 days).

Best Sunwing Artificial Plants to Import

Artificial Hedges

Sourcing artificial boxwood hedges, faux hedges panels, or hedge wall planters for events or commercial projects? Consult us for wholesale pricing now!

MOQ: 200sqm

Artificial Vertical Garden

Sunwing faux green walls and plant walls are UV-protected and fire-retardant for outdoors and indoors. Get a free copy or request samples from us!

MOQ: 50sqm

Artificial Potted Plants

We offer a diverse range of desktop mini plants, potted hanging plants, and artificial potted trees, totaling over 1000 styles. Find out custom manufacturing options here!

MOQ: 50-800pcs

Artificial Moss

Explore the newest wholesale or commercial interior wall decoration options with moss wall tiles and reindeer moss. Contact us for a wholesale quote today!

MOQ: 50kg

Artificial Topiary

Customized topiary balls in various sizes and colors are ideal for indoor and outdoor uses. Get latest catalogs from China’s artificial plants manufacturer.

MOQ: 50pcs

Artificial Grass

Qualified synthetic grass wholesale supplier, manufacturer, and exporter to provide high-quality sports turf and landscape grass for your business needs.

MOQ: 1000sqm

Artificial Plants Manufacturer's Services Go Extra Mile

Sunwing Industries Limited offers a comprehensive range of services, including design, manufacturing, sales, and installation, demonstrating their professionalism. Based in China, it achieves business success with global importers, traders, and wholesalers.


Factory Direct

Backed by our artificial plant factory, we provide premium products according to customers’ needs. Sufficient capacity and reliable delivery time.


OEM & ODM Service

We provide personalized services and OEM/ODM services for all traders, and we are ready to offer help and tips for your bulk orders.

cost and quality control

Cost & Quality Control

To ensure high quality, we have developed a methodical quality control system for both mass production and custom manufacturing.

fully certificated

Fully Certificated

Choose an artificial plant manufacturer who is SGS & ISO Eurofin certified with over 18 years of experience for your next business decision.

Meet Our Team

meet Sunwing team

Our Mission:

  1. Strive to be the first and leading Chinese manufacturer of artificial plants.
  2. Save time for clients and make business easier and more satisfying.
  3. Contribute to the environmental protection of mankind and society.
  4. Continue to increase the well-being of society and humanity.
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Always ready to serve

Jessie | Sales Manager

“What I’ve learned from my long-term engagement with clients is that the reason for success is building trust with clients, listening to clients, delivering on promises, and doing your duty like crazy.”

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Breaking Through for Your Artificial Plants Business with Sunwing

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