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Based in China, we harness craftsmanship and innovation to provide you with premium and commercial-grade quality artificial branches. We’re your trusted destination when seeking to bring nature’s beauty to your projects and spaces with unparalleled authenticity. Explore our extensive range now and experience the perfect blend of nature-inspired aesthetics.

botanically accurate artificial branch leaves

Where Quality Meets Botanical Artistry

What truly sets us apart is our dedication to authenticity, deeply rooted in our advanced manufacturing capabilities. We meticulously select and replicate each leaf, capturing the very essence of the natural world with precision and care. Our promise to quality shines through in every detail, ensuring that our artificial foliage rivals the beauty of real plants.

Whether your preferences lean towards luxuriant greenery, exotic blossoms, or seasonal accents, our extensive range of botanical creations showcases the culmination of our manufacturing expertise. Rest assured, you’ll discover the ideal match for your vision, backed by our commitment to delivering the finest quality in every product we offer.

various artificial branches in bulk

Various branches, abundant choices

When it comes to adding a touch of nature to indoor or outdoor spaces without the hassle of maintenance, our collection of artificial branches offers diverse options to suit your decor needs.

  • Year-Round Greenery
  • Affordable Elegance
  • More than 3,000 Styles in Stock
  • Countless Applications
  • Color, Texture, and Height Selection
  • Longevity

With such abundant choices, from lush, vibrant greenery to rustic autumnal branches, your design possibilities are limitless.

Complete Quality Inspection

Artificial branches mass production

  • Advanced Materials: We use premium materials that closely mimic the look and feel of natural branches and leaves.
  • Precision Engineering: Our machinery and processes ensure every branch is meticulously crafted to exact specifications.
  • Quality Control: Rigorous quality checks at every stage guarantee that each branch meets our high standards for realism and durability.
  • Efficient Production Lines: Our streamlined production lines enable us to meet high demand without compromising quality.
  • Customization: We offer flexibility for custom orders, accommodating unique designs, sizes, and finishes.
  • On-Time Delivery: We pride ourselves on delivering large quantities of artificial branches promptly and reliably.
sunwing artificial branches wholesale catalog

Artificial greenery wholesale catalog

Looking for an extensive selection of lifelike artificial branches and greenery? Look no further. Whether you’re an event planner, retailer, decorator, or designer, our e-catalog is designed to fulfill your sourcing options and elevate your projects. While our complete range of artificial tree leaves may not be displayed on the catalog page, you can simply request the full artificial greenery catalog and take a moment to peruse it. Consistently providing exceptional options, we have everything you need to bring your vision to life.

Sunwing artificial branches bulk supply

Our faux botanicals bring the splendor of the outdoors indoors, eliminating the need for tedious maintenance. These meticulously crafted artificial branches are your canvas for crafting captivating arrangements, enchanting centerpieces, or effortlessly infusing elegance into any space.

artificial fern leaves

Artificial fern leaves
Size: Custom

artificial palm leaf

Artificial palm leaf
Size: Custom

monstera artificial branch

Monstera artificial branch
SKU: HDS13282
Size: Custom

blue lavender faux branch

Blue lavender faux branch
SKU: HDE18401
Size: Custom

artificial foliage grass

Artificial foliage grass
SKU: HDE15901
Size: Custom

fake tree branch

Fake tree branch
SKU: HDS19581
Size: Custom

fire safe branch

Fire-safe faux fern stem
SKU: HDE04632
Size: Custom

fire resistant shrub

Fire-resistant artificial shrub
SKU: HDE02631
Size: Custom

Welcome to see our artificial plants factory online

At our artificial plant factory, we redefine excellence in artificial greenery. Our commitment to excellence is woven into every leaf and petal we create, resulting in artificial branch that exudes lifelike realism. Take your time and learn more about Sunwing.

  • Outdoor UV Protection
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturer
  • Botanically Correct
  • Fire Retardant (Optional)
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Real Color Performance

artificial leaves for wall design

Artificial branches are a transformative element in plant wall design, offering the opportunity to craft stunning, maintenance-free green walls that thrive year-round. With their naturalistic appearance and versatility, these faux foliage options allow for boundless creativity, enabling the construction of lush, verdant tapestries of various textures and hues. Whether you seek a vibrant botanical statement indoors or an enduring exterior landscape, artificial branch leaves provide consistency, customization, and longevity, elevating your design with effortless elegance and a touch of nature’s beauty that requires no ongoing care or attention.

Outdoor and indoor artificial branch leaves for decoration

indoor and outdoor artificial branch leaves decor

Your FAQs, Our Answers

When dealing with artificial branches wholesale, customers often have various questions to ensure they are making informed purchasing decisions. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to artificial branches wholesale.

Yes, we prioritize sustainability in our production processes and use eco-friendly materials to craft our artificial branches.

We offer a wide range of artificial branches available in various sizes and types. Contact us and you’ll find more details.

Lead times may vary based on order volume and customization. Our sales team will provide you with estimated delivery times when you place your order. Bulk orders usually take 2-4 weeks to produce and container load.

Regular orders require a minimum order amount of $3,000.

Yes, we can provide product samples upon request to help you evaluate the quality and suitability of our artificial branches for your needs.

Yes. Please discuss your requirements with our sales team to explore available discounts.

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