Botanically accurate replicas for themed spaces

The exceptional quality and botanically precise nature of our artificial creepers render them exceedingly valuable and adaptable within a business context. Featuring hiper-realistic patterns and hues, these artificial creations offer you the flexibility to integrate lush foliage into any desired setting. Whether adorning architectural elements or enhancing themed designs, our artificial creepers redefine authenticity, setting a new standard for botanical realism.

artificial hanging leaves sample room

Timeless greenery supplier

At Sunwing, we have mastered the art of capturing not just the vibrant shades of green, but also the timeless allure inherent in nature itself. Our artificial hanging leaves are a testament to our dedication, replicating nature’s intricate nuances. The result? Your surroundings are transformed into a living testament to the beauty found in the natural world.

Introducing an elevated level of convenience, our silk greenery in bulk has been designed to reclaim your precious time for more fruitful endeavors. In a realm where choices abound on searching online, we recognize this journey can be overwhelming. It’s with this understanding that we seek to streamline your experience. Our premium artificial creepers defy the constraints of time and aging, providing an option that truly reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence.

artificial willow plant detail

Artificial creepers quick features

  • Lifelike Realism: Our artificial creepers boast an unparalleled level of lifelike realism, making them indistinguishable from their natural counterparts.
  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy the beauty of lush greenery without the need for watering, sunlight, or pruning – they require minimal upkeep.
  • Diverse Selection: Choose from a wide range of designs and styles, ensuring a perfect fit for any environment or design concept.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Whether for small-scale projects or large commercial ventures, our artificial creepers offer cost-effective solutions that fit your budget.
  • All-Season Appeal: These creepers maintain their visual allure year-round, transcending seasonal changes and providing timeless beauty.
fake vines and hanging plant box

Standard or custom packaging

Elevate your ordering experience with our packaging choices. These packaging choices empower you to curate your unboxing experience, adding a personal or brand-specific touch to your artificial creeper orders.

1. Standard Carton Packaging: Enjoy the simplicity of our standard packaging, complete with the Sunwing logo. It provides a convenient and recognizable solution for your artificial creeper needs.

2. Custom Carton Packaging: Tailor your packaging to your precise specifications. With custom carton packaging, you have the freedom to design and brand the packaging to match your unique preferences and requirements.

Sunwing artificial creepers wholesale catalog

artificial creeper plants wholesale catalog

Looking to inject some lushness into your surroundings? Our range of artificial creeper plants is the perfect solution! Whether you’re looking to spruce up an outdoor landscape, an indoor area, or a retail environment, we’ve got you covered. Our catalog features a comprehensive selection of the most sought-after artificial hanging plants available for wholesale purchase. Simply click the button to access our brochure to explore the countless possibilities of artificial creeper plants.

Plastic and silk artificial creepers available in stock

Our variety of plastic and silk artificial creepers are readily available in stock for your business needs. Our selection boasts impeccable craftsmanship, offering you to infuse greenery into commercial spaces. Whether you’re looking for the durability of plastic or the natural beauty of silk, our artificial creepers guarantee an elegant and maintenance-free solution.

Artificial hanging fern grass

Artificial hanging fern grass
Size: 65/80/120 CM

Artificial palm stem creeper

Artificial palm stem creeper
Size: 65/80/120 CM

Artificial creepers bamboo leaves

Artificial creepers bamboo leaves
Size: 65/80/120 CM

Artificial ivy creeper

Artificial ivy creeper
SKU: HGE14381
Size: 65/80/120 CM

Weeping willow faux plant

Weeping willow faux plant
SKU: HGE12903
Size: 65/80/120 CM

Fake lavender hanging plant

Fake lavender hanging plant
SKU: HGE19701
Size: 65/80/120 CM

Artificial pothos ivy leaf vine

Artificial pothos ivy leaf vine
SKU: HGE13801
Size: 65/80/120 CM

pink fake baby's breath clusters

Pink fake baby’s breath clusters
SKU: HGE1698201
Size: 65/80/120 CM

Welcome to visit Sunwing artificial plants factory online

When it comes to selecting your artificial creeper manufacturing supplier, choosing us means embracing a world of unmatched expertise, quality, and reliability. With years of experience in the industry, we stand as a beacon of innovation and commitment. Our craftsmanship is second to none, ensuring lifelike and enduring artificial creepers that enhance any space.

  • Outdoor UV Protection
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturer
  • Botanically Correct
  • Fire Retardant (Optional)
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Real Color Performance

Artificial Leaves for Indoor Hanging Enhancements

artificial creepers for indoor enhancements

Your FAQs, Our Answers

The journey continues from here. If you’re in search of well-informed decisions, consider how artificial creepers become the foundation for crafting diverse indoor and outdoor environments. They offer control over heights, densities, and textures, allowing for precise customization.

Purchasing artificial creepers in bulk allows you to get cost-effective pricing, making it ideal for larger projects such as landscaping, event decoration, or retail displays.

We typically offer a variety of artificial creeper species, including ivy, ferns, trailing plants, and more, each with its unique design and features. You can also choose different heights of each type.

Some artificial creepers made of fresh PE are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, while others (silk) are intended for indoor use. It’s essential to inquire about the suitability of the specific product for your intended application.

The minimum order quantity varies depending on the specific product. Typically, it is either 360 pieces or at least $3,000 worth of products.

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