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In the era of artificial turf’s “involution,” we continue to innovate and study a new technology: embossing. While maintaining softness, our artificial grass carpet looks concave and convex from all angles. We can customize various 3D patterns to fulfill your needs. If you’re looking for a unique product that combines aesthetics with practicality, why not give this grass mat a shot?

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featured 3D design grass carpet/mat & roll

Our exquisite 3D embossed artificial grass carpets are a perfect addition to both indoor and outdoor spaces, creating an aura of natural beauty and elegance. Our outstanding attention to detail ensures a harmonious blend of nature and technology, making our carpets stand out from the rest.

We offer a wide range of design options, product variations, packaging alternatives, and foliage embellishments to cater to your unique preferences and needs, ensuring that each fake grass carpet is customized to perfection.

As a testament to our commitment to quality, our carpets have been certified by SGS. Plus, we prioritize your safety by offering UV protection and fire retardant treatments for long-lasting durability and peace of mind.

With our custom orders, the possibilities are endless and we can easily match any space. Moreover, our fake grass rugs are built to last – up to 3 years outdoors and 5 years indoors with a warranty. So, you can enjoy the beauty and durability of our carpets for years to come!

3D artificial grass carpet features

Exquisite Artificial Grass Carpets from China

In the industry, the quality of turf mats can vary significantly. Therefore, it is crucial to request samples when importing artificial grass carpets wholesale from manufacturers, to assess their quality and suitability for trading purposes.

  • Crafted for Endurance and Sustainability: Durable and 100% recyclable, ensuring enduring value while reducing waste.
  • Effortless Installation with a Distinctive Touch: Installation should be seamless and easy with a flawless finish rather than being complicated.
  • Harmony with Earth and Humanity: Earth + Human Friendly, devoid of toxic chemicals and heavy metals for a safe, eco-conscious choice.
  • Sun-Kissed Perfection with UV Protection: Equipped with robust UV protection, offering both aesthetic allure and a 5-year safeguard against the sun’s rays.

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When you’re in the artificial grass market, choosing a trustworthy supplier is crucial. That’s where Sunwing comes in. We take pride in being a responsible artificial grass supplier based in China. Unlike mere distributors, we’re manufacturers, meaning you can buy directly from us, ensuring affordability without any middlemen. We’re committed to offering competitive prices in the market and won’t burden you, even if you’re making bulk purchases.

Choose your pattern Artificial Grass Carpets in bulk

Sunwing’s faux grass mats with 3D embossed designs are a great addition to any interior or exterior design. They are exported to over 50 countries and have SGS certified quality.

Fake Grass Mat GPSO0101

Fake Grass Mat GPSO0101

Artificial Grass Carpet GPSO0105

Artificial Grass Carpet GPSO0105

Artificial Grass Rug GPSO0107

Artificial Grass Rug GPSO0107

Plastic Grass Mat GPS00108

Plastic Grass Mat GPS00108

Grass Carpet Indoor GPS00103

Grass Carpet Indoor GPS00103

Astroturf Rug GPS00104

Astroturf Rug GPS00104

Green Turf Carpet GPS00102

Green Turf Carpet GPS00102

Grass Mat Roll GPS00111

Grass Mat Roll GPS00111

Artificial Grass Carpet Roll GPS00116

Artificial Grass Carpet Roll GPS00116

Green Grass Mat GPS00115

Green Grass Mat GPS00115

Custom Manufacturing Wholesale Fake Grass Carpet Rolls

With a knack for producing artificial grass carpets that align seamlessly with the preferences of various local markets, Sunwing has rapidly introduced numerous on-trend styles that are perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our specialization lies in tailoring:

Pattern design

Express your unique identity by personalizing the company logo, beloved cartoon characters, family names, pets, and even gym motifs – your imagination sets the limit.


Gone are the limitations of standard sizes. Opt for the convenience of 30×30 spliced grass mats or embrace the flexibility of tailored rolls like 4m x 2m. We’re here to fulfill your varied requirements.

grass height

Different grass heights, different expressions. With a range of pile height options available, ranging from 15cm to 60cm, you can choose the perfect height to match your personal style and needs.

other parameters

Our commitment to artificial grass carpet customization is unwavering. As long as the order quantity criteria are met, we’re eager to bring your unique specifications to life.

3D embossed synthetic grass mat for all kinds of landscapes

Experience the transformative power of our 3D embossed artificial grass carpet that brings life to any landscape, whether it’s a sprawling garden, a cozy rooftop terrace, or an urban oasis. Our carpet adds a new dimension of aesthetic excellence and functionality.

artificial grass carpet indoor and outdoor
sunwing artificial grass wholesale catalogs

Request Artificial Grass Carpet Wholesale Brochure

Uncover wholesale excellence through our Artificial Grass Carpet Brochure. Discover premium-grade carpets perfect for diverse projects. Immerse in textures, colors, and designs that cater to every preference. Gain insights into specifications, durability, and sustainability. Elevate your business with informed choices. Request the brochure now for a world of value and possibilities.

What is 3D embossed design artificial grass carpet?

A 3D embossed artificial grass carpet features intricate patterns and textures to create a realistic three-dimensional effect. The design incorporates variations in blade height and unique patterns to mimic natural grass.

How to manufacture 3D artificial grass mats?

The production process is similar to the production process of landscaping artificial turf. Embossing is a key step in creating the 3D effect. It involves using embossing rollers or plates to apply heat and pressure to the tufted carpet, shaping the yarns and creating raised patterns and textures to resemble natural grass growth.

Is it easy to cut the specific size?

Yes. Although cutting artificial grass is relatively easy, achieving a professional-looking result requires precision. Seek guidance from a professional or the manufacturer’s recommendations if you’re uncertain or want a high-quality finish.

Can I ask for pattern customization?

Sure. As a manufacturer and supplier of artificial grass carpets, we offer customization options for patterns. Customizing the pattern of your grass carpet allows you to tailor the appearance of the carpet to your specific preferences or needs. However, please keep in mind that customization might come with additional costs and production lead times.

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