Full Manufacturing Capabilities

Sunwing offers all-around artificial turf manufacturing services to produce in-house yarn and bulk wholesale premium-grade artificial grass in the widest product range, including landscape grass or leisure grass, sports turf, embossed pattern grass mats, pet potty fake grass, grass decking tiles, etc.

Custom Artificial Grass Wholesale

As an artificial grass factory, we also provide customized services for OEM orders. From yarn shape, color, and backing to design drafts, our professional R&D and production division working closely enables us to design, test, and meet customer specifications and personalized requirements.

Proven Quality & Performance

Our ultra-realistic and high-quality artificial grass products, proven to have excellent UV and abrasion resistance undergo strict quality control from raw materials to final delivery. You can rest assured that all products delivered to you are at competitive prices as well as reliable warranties.

Artificial grass Factory in China

19 years and counting

As the leader in the artificial grass manufacturing industry, Sunwing has been successfully supplying landscape and sports grass for over 19 years thanks to extensive know-how and expertise.

With cutting-edge craftsmanship, we offer worldwide synthetic turf industry coverage, thanks to our two factory zone and sales offices established in Wuxi, China. Passionate about our business, we are continuing to improve artificial grass surface performance to provide high-quality, innovative, and eco-friendly product solutions.

artificial grass factory in China
artificial grass manufacturer in China

Best artificial grass manufacturer

Mission & Vision

“Our Business Mission is Client Satisfaction.”

√ We continuously strive to be the first and leading Chinese manufacturer of artificial grass.

√ Any assistance you need—wherever, whenever

√ We provide Service throughout the entire lifespan of your artificial grass product.

√ Get a free sample from Sunwing

√ Need samples before purchasing large quantities? Sunwing has got you covered.

Sunwing Artificial Grass History & Milestones

2004. 06

Principal Mr. Xu established the Sunwing grass factory from scratch in Wuxi City, China who was firstly committed to bringing artificial grass worldwide.

2011. 05 - 2012. 04

Sunwing began to open up the artificial grass wholesale business online and then in 2012, we opened the artificial hedge factory in Nanjing City.

2016. 03
Factory Expansion

The scale of artificial grass factory expanded to 10,0000 sqm. 4-meter cobble machines enable us to manufacture and export bulk artificial grass products.

2017. 09
Quality and Sustainability

We introduced advanced equipment and the newest technologies to strive for superior quality. The artificial grass manufacturing services were consistent with sustainable development.

2019. 03
Product Updates

To fit your unique market and quickly respond to your demand, we have streamlined the supply chain since 2019, providing a full product range including turf grass, artificial hedges, green walls, and artificial plants, etc.

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Artificial grass OEM/ODM manufacturing experience 

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9 FAQs Regarding Sunwing Artificial Grass Manufacturing vendor

All Solutions for synthetic turf distributors, importers, Wholesalers, and Installers.

1. Do you have an artificial grass factory? Where is the location? Are you a factory or trading company?

Yes, Sunwing has its artificial grass factory in Wuxi, Jiangsu, close to Shanghai. Also, we invested in another fake hedge factory years ago. So if you want a one-stop service in gardening fields, welcome to contact us.

2. What is your cheapest grass?

Our cheapest grass is leisure grass with models 060522 and 070424. However, you can only use them for simple decorations. If for some particular demands, please reach out to sales@sunwinggreen.com

3. How many production lines do you have? What about the production capacity?

l Machines: 9 sets of tufting machines in 3/8”, 3/4”, 5/32”, and 3/16” gauge. Also, we have 5-m tufting machines.
l Production Capacity: around 20000sqm/day

4. How about the width of the artificial turf?

The regular width of our artificial turf is1/2//4 meters. We also have machines to manufacture 5 meters wide rolls of synthetic grass.

5. What about the Lead Time?

Our regular lead time is 15-30 days, depending on styles and ordering season.

6. How is your package loading?

For retail packages, we apply a mix of paper cartons and pallets.
For roll packaging and loading, the container can load more quantity than pallets loading. Our sales will calculate and fully use the container space.

7. What artificial turf Warranty do you offer?

Leisure grass: 1-year life span; landscaping and sport grass: 5 years warranty with more than eight years if artificial lawns maintain good maintenance.
Some supreme styles can have a 10-12 years warranty.

8. What is the density/DTEX of the grass turf?

Please check our catalog first and choose the best quality you want. We will send details regarding density and DTEX.

9. Which countries do you export to?

Sunwing has exported to over 50 countries like North America, South America, Australia, Europe, etc.

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