Artificial Grass Manufacturers in China

Sunwing is a well-known artificial turf manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We have been working with multiple companies from 100+ countries who are looking for high-performance and cost-effective artificial landscaping grass in bulk and wholesale sports turf as well as pattern grass.

We offer a wide range of synthetic grass that caters to both athletic and landscape purposes. Our cheap wholesale artificial grass comes in different yarn shapes, lawn stripes, colors, etc.

Let Sunwing be your trusted artificial grass supplier. Bulk buy artificial grass from us and watch your profit grow.

artificial grass factory in China

One-stop-shop Fake Grass Wholesale

One of the highly sort-after Chinese artificial turf manufacturers who work to produce turf grass from scratch.

Self-Owned Artificial Grass Factory

In-house grass yarn production with warehouse options helps us reduce cost and increase delivery of quality products.

Free Artificial Grass Sample Allowed

Free grass mat samples enable you to affirm your decision to start up without breaking the bank.

Best Artificial Grass Wholesale in Bulk

Sunwing artificial grass has covered a wide selection of synthetic grass, whatever the landscaping venue or sports surface. Our premium turf grass artificial solutions integrate well with residential, commercial, mini-playground, and sports fields, offering the best player protection, aesthetics, and durability.

artificial grass for landscaping swimming pool decor

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Artificial landscape grass is cost-effective and widely used in a variety of settings such as gardens, terraces, rooftops, balconies, etc. Made of high-quality raw materials and UV-resistant additives, our artificial lawn has an unexpected service life.

    • Durable, long-lasting turf grass
      The shape of the blades makes the grass more durable to withstand pedestrian traffic well and last longer without collapsing.
    • Friendly to the environment
      Artificial grass does not need chemicals or irrigation, which can reduce water usage and the risk of pollution.
    • Pet-friendly artificial grass
      It is easy to clean and can be a good option for households with pets.
landscape artificial turf

Landscape artificial turf

Model: PPE201214UQ4-70
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

fake grass landscape

Fake grass landscape

Model: PPE301218DQ4-94
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

artificial grass for dogs

Artificial grass for dogs

Model: PPE301218UQ4-74
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

artificial lawn for landscape

Artificial lawn for landscape

Model: A4S1652AR-4022
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

artificial grass roll

Artificial grass roll

Model: A4S1811AY-4016
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

artificial green grass

Artificial green grass

Model: A4S1821AY-2014
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

artificial turf sports grass football turf

Sports Synthetic Turf

For over 18 years, Sunwing has been the premier artificial grass supplier in China. We strive to develop a lightweight sports system that mimics the sensation and capabilities of natural surfaces. Our installation of artificial sports turf fields provides athletes with an exciting and superior experience.

    • Safe, long-lasting turf
      PP Woven Fabric Backing ensures stability, and the sports grass will last longer with UV protection. Rest assured that certificated Lead-Free, Non-Toxic.
    • Excellent performance
      Artificial grass is more resistant to wear and tear than natural grass, making it a good choice for high-traffic sports fields.
    • Natural-looking fake grass
      Even in later years, it has the ability to maintain the appearance and performance of venues as if it were their first day.
artificial grass for sports

Artificial grass for sports

Model: PE100525 EW-1
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

artificial soccer grass

Artificial soccer grass

Model: PE502420 ED-33
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

artificial golf greens

Artificial golf greens

Model: PE120631C edc-5
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

tennis artificial grass

Tennis artificial grass

Model: PE502418ED-MST
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

hockey synthetic turf

Hockey synthetic turf

Model: PE301216
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

multi-sports turf

Multi-sports turf

Model: PE502017ED-4748
Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

custom artificial grass

Customized artificial grass

All your landscaping and indoor dry ski slope material issues will be solved with our superior solution. As your loyal supplier of custom artificial grass carpets, Sunwing knows all your pain points. Our commitment is to resolve issues and offer you suitable options for products.

    • Built to specification
      In addition to the size and pattern, we can use bespoke 3D printing and adjust production methods like the grass height, density, and pounds of the same pattern design.
    • Color stability
      Whether naturally green or vibrant and unique blue, choosing high-quality artificial grass will help ensure that the color will not fade over time.
    • Quality with certificate
      All fake grass also passes flame retardant, heavy-metal-free certificate, and national sports product quality inspection report guarantee.
fake grass doormat

Fake grass doormat

Size: 0.5×0.8m
MOQ: 500pcs

rooftop artificial grass

Rooftop artificial grass

Size: 1x20m
MOQ: 1000sqm

pattern grass mat

Pattern grass mat

Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

ski grass artificial dry slope material

Ski grass roll

Size: 2x25m, 4x25m
MOQ: 1000sqm

turf gym flooring

Turf gym flooring

Size: 1x20m
MOQ: 1000sqm

grass deck tiles

Grass deck tiles

Size: 0.3×0.3m
MOQ: 1000sqm

Having trouble locating what you need? Reach out to our experts for more options.

All-around Solutions from Custom Artificial Grass Suppliers

Customize your Wholesale Turf Rolls from a Chinese Manufacturing vendor; We can customize any product to meet your exact specifications and style preferences. If you are looking to stock quantities in the wholesale market, Buy artificial grass turf at factory prices from Sunwing.

artificial grass yarn variety and shape

Grass Yarn

  • Monofilament yarn
  • Twisted yarn
  • Curly yarn
  • Fibrillated yarn
  • KDK yarn

We currently possess 6 monofilament yarn machines, 3 fibrillated yarn machines, 24 sets of KDK yarn flat machines, 7 sets of tufting machines with gauges of 3/8, 5/8, 3/16, and 5/32, and a coating line that can extend up to 5 meters in width.

Grass Variety

  • Landscaping grass
  • Sports grass
  • Pattern grass
  • Pet potty grass
  • Interlocking grass tile

As a synthetic turf manufacturer, Sunwing is capable of creating custom designs and meeting specific requests through rigorous testing.

artificial grass in different sizes

Grass Size

  • 2x25m grass roll
  • 4x25m grass roll
  • 0.3×0.3m grass tile
  • 1x1m  grass mat
  • 0.51×0.63m grass pad

We offer artificial grass in different dimensions to match your requirements. In case you do not find any matching dimension, we promise customization of the dimensions for your buyers as well.

Refined Artificial Grass Manufacturing

Sunwing started its business in 2004 with the product of artificial grass carpets. Currently, the factory spans more than 8600 sqm of workshops and a 10000 sqm warehouse.

In general, fake grass manufacturing involves several steps:

Artificial grass manufacturers can modify the properties of the synthetic fibers, such as strength, durability, and color, by adding different additives to the raw materials before extrusion.

During the tufting process, the yarn is fed through the machine and sewn onto the backing in a specific pattern to create the desired texture and appearance of the artificial grass.

Different types of layers applied to the tufted grass provide extra durability or improve the appearance of the grass, or enhance the grass’s performance characteristics.

Designed to allow excess water to drain away. The size and number of drainage holes can vary depending on the specific product and the intended use.

The grass is typically rolled with the backing material facing outward and the synthetic fibers facing inward. This helps to protect the fibers and prevent them from becoming damaged or tangled during transportation.

Artificial grass is typically packaged in rolls. While for landscaping or other decorative applications, the grass is usually cut to size and packaged in bags or boxes along with any necessary accessories.

Our trained professionals perform stock inspections to ensure products meet the required standards and identify any issues or problems with the grass that need to be addressed before shipping.

We pay attention to the weight and size, protection, and efficiency with regard to product conformity during shipping.

artificial grass manufacturing steps

Benefit from Your Committed Artificial Grass Supplier

sunwing artificial grass wholesaler

Quality Priority

We oversee every stage and handle the most crucial aspect, which is creating our artificial yarn in-house using the finest raw materials that offer excellent UV stability.

Safety Guarantee

Sunwing is responsible for the earth and health, so our grass is friendly to pets, free of lead and heavy metals and reaches REACH and ROHS.

Competitive Price

We actively search for the best OEM options and manage supply chain logistics to keep the price as low as possible, without compromising on quality.

Expert Support

Whether you’re facing a technical issue, have a question about our products or services, or simply need some advice, our team of seasoned professionals is here to help.

Bulk Buy Artificial Grass at Sunwing

Frequently Asked Questions Artificial Grass (FAQs)

1. What is your lead time production?

Time is money. We choose high-speed tufting machines and sufficient raw material inventory to ensure the faster delivery time. 10~24 days to reduce your waiting time.

2. What is your supply ability?

Our artificial yarn volume is at least 400 tons a month. Adopted a refined supply chain, the annual output of artificial turf rolls can reach 10 million square meters. Sure to deliver on schedule.

3. How to identify your quality?

Before loading, we conduct a strict inspection based on our comprehensive seven-quality system. You can request samples for a laboratory test concerning materials, UV stability, drainage, etc.

4. What is your MOQ?

We accept trial orders but most artificial grass China suppliers require a minimum order quantity. It varies based on parameters but total amount should be $3000 for each order.

Sunwing artificial grass features

5. How much does fake grass cost?

We are talking about the ex-factory price here. The unit price of artificial turf ranges from $0.90 to $20. You can inquire about a specific product you’re interested in, and we’ll offer the best price.

6. How can I get samples?

Please provide us with your contact information and the specific products you’re interested in when emailing to

7. How about your product warranty?

We provide a 5-year warranty on artificial landscaping turfs and sports turfs, whether indoors or outdoors. Currently, we also have a premium-pro style with 8~10 years of warranty.

8. How to opt artificial grass suppliers?

Ask for certificates to ensure its ability to complete orders with quality, quantity, and on-time delivery. BSCI, WFSGI, ICS, FIFA, FIH, world rugby, GAA and ITF. Learn more before importing artificial grass from China.

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