For Every Venue, There's Sunwing Grass System

Sunwing artificial grass supplier has it covered with a wide selection of synthetic grass, whatever the landscaping venue or sports surface. Our premium turf grass artificial solutions integrate well with residential, commercial, mini-playground, or sports fields, offering the best player protection, aesthetics and durability.

artificial grass for landscaping swimming pool decor

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Artificial landscape grass is cost-effective and widely used in a variety of settings such as gardens, terraces, rooftops, balconies, etc. Made of high-quality raw materials and UV-resistant additives, our artificial lawn has an unexpected service life.

  • Durable, long-lasting turf grass
    The shape of blades makes the grass more durable to withstand pedestrian traffic well and last longer without collapsing.
  • Friendly to the environment
    Our backing and materials remain recyclable to prevent them from entering the landfill at the end of their service life.
  • Pet-friendly artificial grass
    Our backing and materials remain recyclable to prevent them from entering the landfill at the end of their service life.

For those who want a green yard for quite a few years, our soft-touch artificial landscape grass is the best choice! Get a free quote on the minimum order quantity right now!

artificial turf sports grass football turf

Sports Synthetic Turf

Sunwing is dedicated to building a lightweight sporting system to replicate the feel and performance of traditional moving surfaces. The field laying artificial grass brings players a fresh and excellent experience. We’ve been the leading artificial grass supplier in China for more than 15 years.

  • Safe, long-lasting turf
    PP Woven Fabric Backing ensures stability, and with UV protection, the sports grass will last longer. Rest assured that certificated Lead-Free, Non-Toxic.
  • Excellent performance
    With good UV stability and good water permeability, the turfgrass can perform well in any weather and save maintenance costs to the greatest extent.
  • Natural-looking, aesthetic
    We strive to produce turfs that can keep fields looking as good and playing as well in the later years as on day one.

Ask our consultants for the very best sports grass selection in your region.

artificial pattern grass residentail area

3D Embossed Pattern Grass Mat

Sunwing artificial grass supplier has researched and developed innovative pattern grass, making the appearance more realistic and personalized. Patterned fake grass is also easy to clean and maintain, and has a wide range of applications.

  • Exclusively customizable grass
    In addition to the size and pattern, we can bespoke 3D printing and adjust production methods like the grass height, density and pounds of the same pattern design.
  • Multiple color options
    Common tufting and jacquard machines can provide 2-5 colors or more.
  • Qualified, high-quality lawn
    Artificial pattern grass also passes flame retardant, heavy-metal-free certificate and national sports product quality inspection report guarantee.

Interested in brand new 3D embossed pattern grass? Send us a message now!

synthetic turf cartoon pattern artificial grass

Synthetic Turf Cartoon Pattern Artificial Grass

As a kind of artificial landscape grass, the synthetic turf zodiac cartoon pattern artificial grass series play a trending role in households decoration. Monofilament landscaping grass is composed of straight silk and curly silk, which can be made into monochrome, two-color, tricolor and four colors.

  • Color stability
    Whether it’s natural green or vibrant and unique blue, choosing high-quality artificial grass mats will help ensure that the color will not fade over time.
  • Suitable for all purposes
    These colorful artificial lawns gain popularity in children’s playgrounds, indoor game rooms, dog daycare centers, and even funky outdoor pitches.

Get your ideal solution from Sunwing artificial grass supplier.

Request Artificial Grass Wholesale Catalog

Sunwing has been a leading artificial grass manufacturer in China since 2003. It owes a national factory to export wholesale synthetic lawns, artificial grass, putting greens, playgrounds, tools, materials and supplies. Sunwing provides exceptional customer service including free landscape grass catalogs and sports grass catalogs to download.

You can obtain a complete product list on the Brochures page or enquire here.

sunwing artificial grass wholesale catalogs

Sunwing Artificial Grass - Quality Where It Matters

Sunwing Industries Ltd is one of the largest artificial grass suppliers in the world and is committed to providing the best artificial lawn for sports and landscape purposes. After more than 18 years of dedicated development, our products such as football grass, hockey grass, basketball grass, golf grass and landscape grass have served customers with different needs in five continents. Include but are not limited to football clubs, gyms, schools and countless families all over the world.

  • OEM/ODM Service
  • ISO & SGS Certified
  • UV Protected
  • Bio Based Landscaping
  • Consistent Innovation
  • Fire Retardant

FAQs Answered By A Veteran Artificial Grass Supplier

Is Artificial Grass Fireproof? Is Synthetic Lawn Fire Retardant?

Artificial grass is made of PP, PE or PA materials; overall, it’s made of plastic. Hence, it will certainly not be fireproof. However, artificial turf is more than an ordinary plastic product because it contains flame retardants. If there is an open fire, it will not ignite in a large area but only burn a part of the fire. Refer to our fire-retardant artificial grass video and you’ll gain a straightforward understanding. Only by looking for high-quality products can they have good flame retardant performance.

How Many Types Are There In Artificial Grass Wholesalers/Companies?

Generally speaking, artificial grass supplied and fitted can be divided into the following categories:

  • By function: sports grass and landscape grass
  • By material: polyethylene and polypropylene
  • By fiber structure: monofilament and fibrillated yarn and textured yarn
  • By pile height: short and long
  • By color: green, black, blue, and other colors
What's the Best Fake Grass for Dogs?

Artificial lawns designed for people with pets. Its grass monofilament is specially treated to make it have better wear resistance. Its backing has also been strengthened, and the fake grass is more firm and not easy to fall off. multi-purpose landscape artificial grass is an alternative for those who have pets playing in backyards. Its pleasant soft touch provides great protection in the event of a fall.

How to Choose Artificial Grass Wholesale Suppliers?

Factory strength. The factory has been audited by BSCI, WFSGI, ICS or other third parties to ensure its ability to complete orders with quality, quantity, and on-time delivery. When choosing sports artificial grass suppliers, pay attention to the qualifications of leading sports organizations such as FIFA, FIH, world rugby, GAA and ITF. The preferred artificial turf suppliers provide high-quality products and high-quality services. Check the article before importing artificial grass from China.

How Long Does Synthetic Lawn Last or What's the Warranty?

This depends on the application, condition and how much use the artificial turf has to withstand. The lifespan of artificial grass is actually difficult to evaluate. It depends on many aspects – quality, intensity of use, course condition, artificial grass installation and post-maintenance. At Sunwing, we offer different warranties for different lawn grass types.

  • leisure grass: 1-year service life;
  • landscaping and sport grass: 5 years warranty with more than 8 years of service life under good maintenance.
  • Some supreme styles can have a 10-12 years warranty

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