An artificial turf Hinges on its Grass Yarn Excellence.

Just like the threads in a fabric, the artificial grass yarn forms the fundamental structure of the turf, determining its durability, realism, and playability. From providing a comfortable texture underfoot to offering resilience that mimics natural grass, our superior grass yarn is pivotal in creating an artificial turf that truly stands out in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

Made in China

Sustainable material

Advanced technology

artificial grass fiber production

Better engineering, better yarn

Imagine yarn meticulously engineered to mimic the grace and resilience of natural grass, each fiber an ode to both aesthetics and durability. This journey begins with the intricate process of extrusion, where precision machines melt and mold polymers into a tapestry of strands. These strands, woven together, create artificial grass yarn that defies the ordinary – yarn that stands tall, maintaining its lush appearance even amidst the most demanding conditions.

It delves into the very DNA of the yarn itself. Through ingenious shaping techniques, our engineers have sculpted yarn profiles that enhance not just the visual appeal, but the functional aspects as well. This innovative approach breathes life into each blade, ensuring optimal resilience, minimal matting, and an overall lifelike presentation.

grass yarn feature

artificial grass yarn quick features

When considering artificial grass for a particular project, it’s important to choose yarn that aligns with the requirements and performance expectations of that application.

  • Resilience: The yarn maintains its shape and bounces back after pressure, ensuring the grass remains upright and attractive.
  • Softness: Advances in technology have led to softer yarns that feel comfortable underfoot and reduce abrasion.
  • Variety: Yarns are available in different pile heights, shapes (such as C-shape or S-shape), and textures to cater to specific needs and preferences.
  • Infill Compatibility: Yarns are designed to work well with infill materials, enhancing stability, shock absorption, and playability.
  • Wear Resistance: Quality fake grass yarn resists wear from constant use and withstands the impact of sports activities.
Sunwing artificial grass yarn catalog

wholesale artificial turf yarn catalog

Explore our range of artificial grass yarn through our brochures. You can also view other artificial grass wholesale to access our complete product lineup. As a nation-based warehouse supplier, we cater to commercial flooring, putting greens, athletic fields, and provide essential tools, materials, and supplies. Reach out to us today and experience the difference in quality and service.

Top-notch artificial grass yarn available in the warehouse

Explore our vast selection of premium artificial grass yarn for various applications. Achieve superior quality and durability for your projects.

artificial grass yarn 15002-2

Artificial Grass Yarn GEPDZ3M001CR

artificial turf yarn S-101

Astroturf Yarn GPEDZ1S001CR

astroturf yarn S-116-1

 Yarn for Grass GPEDZ1D001CR

fake grass yarn S-96-2

Fake Grass Yarn GEPDZ1S002CR

faux grass yarn S-116-2

Synthetic Turf Yarn GPEDZ1D002CR

synthetic turf yarn S-96-1

Faux Grass Yarn GEPDZ1S001CR

Sunwing artificial grass yarn OEM & ODM manufacture

Our expertise enables us to brings your vision to life and fulfill your unique requirements, no matter how specific.

plastic grass yarn material

Premium Materials

We offer a variety of eco-friendly grass yarn options, including common and advanced varieties. Our warehouse stocks various materials for selection: Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Nylon, Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), and Polyethylene-Polypropylene Hybrid.

artificial grass yarn classification


We craft a variety of artificial grass yarns for different applications. From sports fields to landscapes and multipurpose green spaces, each yarn is designed with specific materials and specifications, ensuring superior performance and natural aesthetics for every use.

artificial grass yarn shape

Yarn Shapes

Artificial grass yarn comes in diverse shapes, each tailored for specific benefits. Monofilament offers realism, diamond shape boosts resilience, S-shape mimics nature, and C-shape suits high-traffic sports fields. These shapes enhance appearance, durability, and performance.

artificial grass yarn color

Customized Colors

Transform your outdoor space with customizable artificial grass yarn colors. Whether a serene green or a vibrant hue, you now have the power to tailor your landscape to match your style. Embrace creativity and precision, as each blade becomes a stroke on your unique canvas of design.

Grass Yarn Export volume

Sunwing, a prominent company based in China, specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality artificial grass yarn. With a strong reputation for excellence in the industry, we offer a wide range of innovative and sustainable synthetic grass products.

  • 300000 Square Meters of Supply Per Month
  • Packaged In Rolls and Wrapped In Plastic Film
  • Shipped From Nanjing, Shanghai, Ningbo
  • Suitable For Artificial Turf Importers, Wholesalers, Stockists, Installers

Artificial Turf Yarn Production Process

Crafting perfection, it all starts with high-quality materials, transformed through precision extrusion. Clink the picture for the entire production process.

  • Material Selection: Carefully choose high-quality materials.
  • Extrusion: Employ precision extrusion to shape the base yarn using selected materials.
  • Texturization: Utilize advanced techniques to enhance yarn realism and durability.
  • Color Application: Apply vibrant and natural colors to the yarn.
  • Twisting: Introduce twisting to the yarn strands to ensure strength and resilience.
  • Heat Setting: Subject the yarn to controlled heat to stabilize its structure.
  • Spooling & Weaving: Wind the finished yarn onto spools in preparation for weaving.

Your FAQs, Our Answers

The journey doesn’t end there. Want to make an informed choice? Artificial grass yarn is the key to crafting various carpets for indoor and outdoor use. It shapes heights, densities, and textures, aiding precise selection. Explore FAQs for insights into this pivotal element.

Artificial grass yarn is typically made from a blend of materials like polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon. These materials are carefully selected for their durability, UV resistance, and natural appearance. The yarn is then processed to create individual blades that mimic real grass.

Artificial grass yarn comes in various types, with the most common being:

  1. Monofilament Yarn: Single-strand yarn that offers a natural look and good durability.
  2. Fibrillated Yarn: Composed of multiple thin filaments twisted together, providing strength and resilience.
  3. Texturized Yarn: Yarn with varied thicknesses or texturing, adding realism and softness.
  4. Hybrid Yarn: Combines different yarn types for enhanced performance and aesthetics.
  5. C-shaped Yarn: Designed to stand upright better, providing improved resilience and natural appearance.
  6. S-shaped Yarn: Resembles the curvature of natural grass blades, offering a lifelike look.

The suitable choice of artificial grass yarn mainly depends on installation or application. Fibrillated yarn suits decorative purposes, while monofilament yarn is ideal for landscaping due to its structure. Expert guidance is recommended for specific installation requirements.

As an artificial grass manufacturer, we usually have a minimum order requirement, typically around $3000. If that works for you, going directly through us is a great option. But if that’s not feasible, you can also consider buying smaller quantities from local distributors or wholesalers.

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