Creating A Trendy Fake Hedges Wall Is Easy As 1-2-3

Our artificial hedges panels are made with fresh PE so as to offer a lifelike appearance and long life expectancy. Our products are perfect building materials and accents for various landscapes and designs, offering both style and privacy.


1. Catch The Trend

For 10+ years, Sunwing artificial hedges have been exported to over 55 countries for retail, wholesale, and landscaping projects.

We continually develop these dense foliage covering products to meet the needs of markets around the world, incorporating style elements of their local flora.

Sunwing has already developed over 100 faux hedges styles, all of which come with real touch and appearance. These artificial leafy panels are now applied in many urban landscapes as green walls, privacy screens or backdrops, with their color treatment and outdoor UV protection helping them to brave the elements all year round.

Our artificial foliage mats are 100% PE and commercially fire retardant, being manufactured to ISO and SGS standards in our very own factory.

We welcome dealers and agents from all over the world, so why not come and find out more? These artificial hedges can be used for balconies, window boxes, gazebos, wall décor, storefronts, or indoor accent trims.

artificial hedges panels wholesale

Hedge Panels Quick Details

* Dense foliage cover
* Real touch feel
* Customized color treated
* Outdoor UV engineered
* Endless application
* Manufactured to ISO standards
* SGS authorized
* 100% fresh PE
* Commercial rated fire retardant


* Window boxes/Balcony/Gazebos
* Backdrop walls decor
* Cover entire storefronts
* Accent trim inside buildings

artificial hedges mats design and package

2. Design And Select

For any large landscape projects in need of design assistance, you have the option to leave these affairs with us.

We are able to design artificial hedging walls or privacy fences both indoor and outdoor applications according to your requirements.

In addition to top sellers, such as boxwood panels, we also supply artificial laurel and ivy panels etc.

More foliage styles can also be customized and manufactured if you reach the MOQ.

3. Installation

Artificial hedges mats don’t need their texture to be installed – it already comes built-in with the mat!

When it comes to installing the mat as a whole, we offer an installation guide for different occasions for reference.

Within minutes, your dream low-maintenance artificial hedges wall is all set up and ready to go!

Artificial Hedge Catalog

4. Request Artificial Hedges Wholesale Catalog

Wholesale prices of high-quality plastic hedges in bulk, including artificial box hedge panels. If you are engaged in importing, wholesale and retail artificial hedges, feel free to ask for a quotation immediately.

Get our best-selling artificial leaves panel catalog and brand new designer-made artificial hedges mats samples.

The Sunwinggreen Difference

We have our own development team and factory where we painstakingly manufacture our artificial plant walls according to our exacting standards. We ensure that our products are compliant with ISO 9001 and certified as safe for use in the UK by SGS, coming with a 4-5 UV protection rating as standard. What’s more – they’re also free from heavy metals and are fire retardant to at least a C-level or above. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to our manufacturing process.

  • Outdoor UV Protection
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturer
  • Botanically Correct
  • Fire Resistant (Optional)
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Real Color Performance

Things You Need to Know about Artificial Foliage Hedge

1. Where are most of the materials come from?

Our raw materials come from sellers of polyethylene resins found in various regions in the UK and US. Our partners also help us with source control.

2. What are different types of imitation hedges instead of artificial wall panels?

A wide variety of artificial hedging plants are here to discover! For instance:

Artificial plant wall covering
Artificial hedge boxes
Faux topiary balls and plants

3. How long does it take to receive goods?

If the privacy panels are not customized, it is usually within 3 weeks, but it may take up to 60 working days if the transportation company has problems in inventory.

4. What are the key features of Sunwing artificial hedges?

To make it simple, our outdoor hedge wall is inherently UV-protected and indoor hedges can be manufactured to be flame-retardant.
This is your guide to hedge screening artificial for privacy.

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