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Manufacturer, supplier & exporter of artificial hedges panels for distributors and traders. Artificial screen fences are commercial grade and are available for indoor & outdoor use.

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As a leading artificial hedges factory in China, Sunwing has already developed 1000+ faux hedges styles, all of which come with real touch and appearance. These artificial hedge panels are now applied in many urban landscapes as green walls, privacy screens, or backdrops, with their color treatment and outdoor UV protection
helping them to brave the elements all year round.

  • 20+ Categories
  • 1000+ Varieties
  • 1000 sqm showroom
  • Fireproof and UV Resistant technology

Sunwing Own over 20,000sqm warehouses and a 1,000 sqm showroom. Artificial hedging is set up in the showroom for your review. If possible, please go and see our factory with a field inspection, we make sure you will choose us as your supplier.

Artificial Hedging Panels Product Details

Artificial Hedging Panels Product Details:

  • Material: 100% fresh new LDPE
  • Regular Size: 50 cm x 50 cm (20″*20″)
  • UV-stable: Yes or No
  • Fireproof: Yes or No
  • Occasion: Outdoor; indoor
  • Warranty: Outdoor 3 years, indoor 5 years
  • Certificate: UV test report, heavy metal test by SGS
  • Package: 12 pieces/ box
  • MOQ:500 pieces
  • Samples available: Yes

Our faux hedges are known for outstanding design, exceptional product quality, and affordable prices. We believe in delivering more, for less. Realistic Appearance through leaves that are taller (50 mm) and 4-layered (not 3). Our Denser Panels (400-stitches per tile panel) are not “see through” and offer better privacy. Our leaf stems are clean, with NO PLASTIC BLURS. Sunwing artificial plants are UV Protected and do not fade with outdoor use. Made of New PE (not recycled) – Odorless and Durable.

Artificial Hedges Fence Factory Export Information

Artificial Hedges Fence Factory Export Information

  • Product Name: Artificial Hedges Panels
  • HS Code: 67021000
  • Port: shanghai / Nanjing
  • Lead time: 15-30 days
  • Supply Ability: 100000 Pieces/ per Month
  • Meas.of Carton: 53x53x31CM
  • Loading quantity: 40’HQ ≈ 8412 pieces, 20’FT ≈ 3552 pieces
  • ISO Certified Manufacturing Facility
  • Target customers: distributors, wholesalers, importers and traders, large projects, building materials industry, home & furniture industry, artificial plants & artificial grass industry

Put into a single word, the greatest value we hold is integrity; We a proud to be a trusted and reliable source in the artificial hedges industry. We appreciate the fact that our customers choose us knowing that they are getting the best in all regards.

fake hedge wall installation guide

Fake Hedges Wall Installation Gudie

Artificial hedges mats don’t need their texture to be installed – it already comes built-in with the mat!

When it comes to installing the mat as a whole, we offer an installation guide for different occasions for reference.

Within minutes, your dream low-maintenance artificial hedges wall is all set up and ready to go!

Artificial Hedges Wholesale Catalog

Request Artificial Hedges Wholesale Catalog

Wholesale prices of high-quality plastic hedges in bulk, including artificial box hedge panels. If you are engaged in importing, wholesale and retail artificial hedges, feel free to ask for a quotation immediately.

Get our best-selling artificial leaves panel catalog and brand new designer-made artificial hedges mats samples.

Top 8 Export Bulk Volume Artificial Hedges Panels

In order to help you start and expand your business, we list hot sale artificial hedges for your reference. Outdoor UV Protected and Fire Retardant Artifiical Hedges Panels, SGS certified.

Artificial Hedge Wall A003

Artificial Hedge Wall A003

Faux Hedge Ivy Wall A009

Faux Hedge Ivy Wall A009

Artificial Hedge Screening A013

Artificial Hedge Screening A013

Plastic Hedge Panels A038

Plastic Hedge Panels A038

Artificial Hedges Foliage Fence A041

Artificial Hedges Foliage Fence A041

Fake Hedge Wall Decor A043

Fake Hedge Wall Decor A043

Artificial Hedging Moss Mats A123

Artificial Hedging Moss Mats A123

Artificial Hedge Privacy Screen HA089

Artificial Hedge Privacy Screen HA089

Welcome To See Our Fake Hedges Wall Factory Online

Choose China artificial plants manufacturer as your supplier. Welcome to go and see our factory with a field inspection. Sunwing is always looking for distributors and wholesalers to work with our team in providing quality artificial hedges and excellent customer services to all of our clients.

Welcome To See Our Fake Hedges Wall Factory Online

4 Things You Need to Know about Artificial Foliage Hedge

1. Where are most of the materials come from?

Our raw materials come from sellers of polyethylene resins found in various regions in the UK and US. Our partners also help us with source control.

2. What are different types of imitation hedges instead of artificial wall panels?

A wide variety of artificial hedging plants are here to discover! For instance:

Artificial plant wall covering
Artificial hedge boxes
Faux topiary balls and plants

3. How long does it take to receive goods?

If the privacy panels are not customized, it is usually within 3 weeks, but it may take up to 60 working days if the transportation company has problems in inventory.

4. What are the key features of Sunwing artificial hedges?

To make it simple, our outdoor hedge wall is inherently UV-protected and indoor hedges can be manufactured to be flame-retardant.
This is your guide to hedge screening artificial for privacy.

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