Artificial Hedge Manufacturers in China

Sunwing has been an industry leading artificial hedge wholesale supplier and manufacturer since 2004. With 18 years of rich experience, we have provided bulk artificial hedges for wholesalers and distributors from more than 50 countries. We offer faux hedges wholesale in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including 50×50 custom hedges mats, 100×300 wall grass & ivy rolls, and boxwood hedging to meet different market needs.

The factory’s manufacturing equipment and quality control system allows us to deliver artificial hedges high cabinets to the world with ISO certification and keep quality conformance. As a premier artificial hedge manufacturer, we offer customization and design support for clients who fall into various industries, such as homeware, hotel & resort, event rental, garden and landscaping, etc.

artificial hedge manufacturer in China

Wholesale Artificial Hedges in Bulk

Sunwing has more than 1000 in-stock wholesale artificial hedge designs that you can choose from at our warehouse. They cater to different industries, including horticulture, building material, retail store, and homewares.

artificial box hedges supplier

Classic Boxwood Hedges

Homeowners, designers and architects proficient in ecology are calling for more sustainable ways to create green areas inside and outside buildings and residences – creating a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. Sunwing artificial boxwood hedges are being used as a solution because they are environmentally friendly, cheap, durable, and almost maintenance free.

Our boxwood panels not only look good, but also have sound insulation quality. Featuring inherent fire or UV rated performance, artificial box hedges are custom made for application on the building, indoors or out.

Faux boxwood panels

Faux boxwood panels

Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 200sqm

Planter box hedges

Planter box hedges

Size: Custom
MOQ: Decided by the size

Boxwood topiary balls

Boxwood topiary balls

Size: 28cm, 38cm, 48cm
MOQ: Decided by the size

Boxwood topiary trees

Boxwood topiary trees

Size: Custom
MOQ: Decided by the size

custom faux hedges samples

Custom Artificial Hedges Panels

Artificial hedge mats applied to walls can significantly reduce echo. Strategically placed hedge panels will divert sound from the inside or outside. This can reduce stress and increase privacy in the office environment, courtyard, and hospitality areas. Regardless of the size, shape or scale of your project, Sunwing artificial hedge screening is the best way to bring the lush green of luxury hedges to any space.

Rest assured that you will get lifelike artificial foliage that can stand the test of time and exterior environment because our artificial hedges are weather resistant and engineered with UV protection, lasting for years to come.

Artificial hedge wall

Artificial hedge wall

Model: HA002
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 200sqm

Fake hedge screen

Fake hedge screen

Model: HA015
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 200sqm

Artificial leaf panel

Artificial leaf panel

Model: HA029
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 200sqm

Artificial privacy hedge

Artificial privacy hedge

Model: HA042
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 200sqm

Artificial hedge panel

Artificial hedge panel

Model: HA089
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 200sqm

faux foliage panel HA100

Artificial foliage panel

Model: HA100
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 200sqm

Plastic hedge mat

Plastic hedge mat

Model: HA129
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 200sqm

Artificial screening hedge

Artificial screening hedge

Model: HA163
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 200sqm

durable faux privacy screen

Durable Faux Privacy Screen

Sunwing artificial fence screen can bring a real green atmosphere to any external space in a few seconds. All artificial hedge products are made with high-quality LDPE or silk material to be hyper-realistic. The foliage convincingly imitates the actual species of hedge plants, such as Ivy, Ficus and Yellow Birch with Flowers, and matches their leaves in specially molded high-grade plastics.

There are no cut corners when developing artificial leaves fences, artificial hedge trellis and wall grass. Using 3D leaf design, our artificial fence screening is designed to look great for a long time and offers more privacy.

Ivy fence panel

Ivy fence panel

Model: HB014
Size: 100x300cm
MOQ: 300 pcs

Grass fence roll

Grass fence roll

Model: HB009
Size: 100x300cm
MOQ: 300 pcs

Expandable willow trellis

Expandable willow trellis

Model: HW043
Size: 100x200cm
MOQ: 300 pcs

Having trouble locating what you need? Reach out to our experts for more options.

Wholesale Artificial Hedges from A Chinese Manufacturer

Customize Your wholesale Artificial Hedges From a Chinese Manufacturing veteran; We can customize any product to meet your exact size and style specifications. If you are looking to stock quantities in the wholesale market, Buy artificial hedges at factory prices from Sunwing.

artificial hedge variety

Hedge Variety

Boxwood hedges
Ivy hedge
Fern hedge
Grass hedge

More than 1000 styles of foliage and shrubs to choose from.

wholesale artificial hedge size

Hedge Size


The hedge wall panels can package in larger or smaller custom sizes.

artificial hedge shape

Hedge Shape

Mats or rolls
In planter
With frame

Various shapes to cater to different style preferences and projects needs.

Bulk Buy Artificial Hedges at Sunwing

Sunwing is dedicated to creating artificial hedges that fulfill the diverse requirements of our customers. In addition to being an artificial hedge supplier and manufacturer, we also produce artificial screening that is perfect for commercial projects in architecture, landscape, and construction. These screens are also ideal for DIY home decor and other design projects.

World's #1 Artificial Hedge

Specialized in artificial hedge manufacturing since 2004, Sunwing provides the most huge range for a larger customer base in different markets. We fulfill your needs with our all-around solution.

Superior Quality

We only use fresh PE, silk or polyester materials in production and strict QC to ensure all artificial foliage hedges are perfect delivered to you.

Streamlined Supply Chain

We lessen the manufacturing supply chain by creating most components in-house. It also reduces manufacturing costs by cutting transit time across multiple warehouses.

Better Word of Mouth

Our clients are our strongest supporters, collectively affirming that there is no equal to our product in the market. Sunwing’s artificial hedges stand apart as the epitome of uniqueness, authenticity, and durability.

UV Rated with Certificates

All of our artificial hedge panels are designed with UV stabilization, ensuring their long-lasting vibrancy and protection against fading over time.

Customer-based Design

Whether for wholesale, projects, or other business needs, Sunwing hedges truly bring your design to life. We provide a complete end-to-end service, anywhere that your imagination takes you.

One-Stop Solution for both Privacy and Branding

Add more privacy and touches of green with our plastic hedges. One of the reasons why we are the industry leading manufacturer of artificial hedges wholesale is that we provide customers with an all-around green solution. With extensive experience and expertise in the artificial plants industry, we have collaborated with numerous top names and honed our skills in customizing hedge plants with logos that align with your brand’s image.

Artificial Hedges for Landscaping

Artificial privacy hedges offer benefits such as greater durability and the ability to be used in various climates. Being the #1 supplier of high quality artificial hedges plants, we have 1000+ original designs and provide a variety of excellent outdoor artificial hedge wholesale services to help with landscape projects. 

Artificial Hedging for Rental & Events

Customers can utilize freestanding box hedges to shade private residences, improve the appearance of outdoor or indoor spaces, and divide large spaces into smaller units that are permanent or movable. Please note that we do not offer rental services. We only provide products for the event rental industry.

Faux Hedges for Office Supply

The use of green hedge wall in the workplace has been proven to increase productivity, improve employee mood, What’s more they don’t require any maintenance. Sunwing has its own faux hedge factory with 18 years of experience, providing realistic artificial hedges for offices or other places.

Commercial Hedges in Hotels & Resorts

For hospitality businesses to improve comfort, in addition to unique hotel designs and high-end furniture, foliage hedges can infuse dull and drab areas with color and bring them to life. Uland focuses on the manufacture of indoor & outdoor artificial fences and provides suggestions and solutions for the use of artificial plants in hotels.

Outdoor Hedges in Restaurants

The interior layout of the restaurant is regularly updated to bring a different feel. Faux hedge walls can be moved easily, and they can also be customized to fit the theme and color of the restaurant. Soundproof greenery panels will give your customers a more comfortable dining experience.

Artificial Privacy Hedge for Residential Area

Install our artificial hedge fences in courtyards, garden areas or roof terraces without ongoing maintenance and they are inherently UV resistant to last for years to come. The artificial boxwood wall with a planter box can be installed directly on the outside of the house, providing both privacy and effective noise isolation.

Bulk Hedges for Wholesalers

As one of the most well-equipped fake hedge manufacturing companies based in China, we provide the best quality products at a very low cost because most components are made in-house. This enables us to work with you to ensure that you can also provide your customers with favorable prices.

Customized Artificial Hedges for Branding

We work with different businesses or wholesale markets to transform their ideas from concepts to the finalized faux hedge wall solutions that they need. We work with you to ensure that we help you better define what you want and achieve the perfect design, production, packaging and shipping solution for your brand.

Benefit from Your Committed Artificial Hedge Supplier

Wholesale Artificial Hedge Price

By purchasing our top-notch synthetic hedges directly from Sunwing factory, you can take advantage of cost-saving prices and minimize your production expenses.

Free Faux Hedge Sample

Seeing is better than hearing. Sunwing provides you with free samples of artificial hedge panels to assess and ensure that your personalized design specifications are fulfilled.

Fast Bulk Order Delivery

All our manufacturing processes are done in our artificial plant factory which allows us to reduce delivery time and provide solutions on time.

In-house Artificial Hedge Manufacturing

The presence of our internal hedge panel production and quality assurance department empowers us to deliver industry-leading products with expeditious speed.

Low MOQ Required

At our company, every customer is valued equally, which is why our minimum order quantity for hedge mats is set at $3000, to cater to both big and medium orders alike.

Full After-sales Service

Customer service is the foundation of our success. After-sales services are designed to help you through the lifespan of the product.

wholesale artificial hedges manufacturing progress

Get Wholesale Artificial Hedges in Bulk Step by Step

Being the foremost provider of artificial hedge solutions in China, Sunwing offers personalized hedge options to meet your unique requirements. Our services extend beyond manufacturing to encompass design, storage, and prompt delivery, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients.
We have pre-designed hedge panels that you can choose from, but if you have special requirements for your business, we can customize artificial greenery products for you. Our custom designs can align with your corporate identity and increase your revenue potential.

Quick Response to Your Inquiry Within 12 Hours

We understand that saving time is essential for your business operation, so we keep on fast production turn-around and short lead time. Our prompt response aims to facilitate your access to our offerings with ease.

Turnkey and Customized Artificial Hedge Designs

One of our goals is to make your land unique, so we are here to bring your vision to life. Strong R&D ability allows us to design and deliver fake hedges suitable for different industries and customer needs.

Efficient Artificial Hedge Manufacturing

The Sunwing facility boasts a vast array of cutting-edge machinery, ensuring our ability to produce premium artificial hedges with remarkable efficiency. This also allows us to fulfill large-scale orders in a timely manner.

Custom Faux Hedge Packaging Solution

We will try our best to meet your artificial plant packaging needs. With a vast selection of pre-designed options available, finding the perfect fit for you is a breeze. Alternatively, let’s delve into the world of customization.

Consult Your Sunwing Artificial Hedges Experts

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