Our artificial ivy garden screening is the product of choice for both commercial and residential usage, offering customers both privacy and style in their garden. We have a variety of leaves styles available for you to peruse, and all of our artificial leaves screens have been treated with UV protection to help them last longer outdoors.


Our artificial leaves fence and artificial ivy rolls are cost-effective UV-treated solutions for increasing your garden privacy with practical and stylish screening.

Many clients use these artificial leaves fences to cover unsightly parts of their homes/gardens, while others just enjoy the increased privacy that they offer. The regular size of our faux ivy fence roll is 100mm*300mm, although special sizes can be ordered if the clients require it.

These dense foliage covers are manufactured to ISO standards are come with outdoor fade resistance, helping them to stay durable and usable for many years to come.

These screens have also been approved and certified by the SGS authorities, so you can rely on their high-end construction and quality.


  • Dense foliage cover
  • Various styles
  • Light & Easy to install
  • UV treated
  • Cover unsightly view
  • Manufactured to ISO standards
  • Outdoor fade-resistance
  • Commercial rated quality
  • Durable and reusable for years
  • SGS tests passed and certified


Sunwing, ivy fence rolls can be customized into a wide range of styles, combining different artificial foliage and flowers to create clients’ desired styles for their local stores and gardens.

If you are interested in bespoke manufacturing and distributing our outdoor faux ivy privacy screen products, we offer both our latest styles and many bespoke options too.


We can ship our products in regular packaging which is safe, robust, and effective for long-distance shipping.

However, if our clients have more effective package methods in mind and would like to add their own custom designs and logos, then we have bespoke packaging options available for our artificial leaves fence products.

Just list these requirements in order and we will do it before shipping!


We have our own development team and factory where we painstakingly manufacture our artificial plant walls according to our exacting standards. We ensure that our products are compliant with ISO 9001 and certified as safe for use in the UK by SGS, coming with a 4-5 UV protection rating as standard. What’s more – they’re also free from heavy metals and are fire retardant to at least a C-level or above. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t believe in cutting corners when it comes to our manufacturing process.

  • Outdoor UV Protection
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturer
  • Botanically Correct
  • Fire Resistant (Optional)
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Real Color Performance

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