We Design, Produce, and Deliver Quality Bulk Artificial Plants Worldwide!

With your vision in mind, Sunwing leads the industry in crafting custom-made artificial plants and trees. We manufacture, supply and export artificial plants pots to importers, distributors, wholesalers, resellers, landscapers, events management firms and more. Being one of the largest artificial plants suppliers in the world, we have a rich product line for one-stop purchases.

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Our own factory in China is ISO 19001, ISO 40001 and GMP certified to offer quality manufacturing services for different kinds of popular artificial plants and pots for different markets.

  • Fully customizable
  • Handcrafted quality
  • Over 1000 varieties
  • Over 1000sqm showroom
  • UV-protected and Fire-rated technology
  • OEM & ODM service

Our 19 years of experience and expertise have enabled us to collaborate with you throughout our integrated process, from consulting to final delivery, to enhance your brand.

custom manufacturing artificial trees and plants

Custom Manufacturing Wholesale Artificial Plants

With the ability to manufacture artificial potted plants that fit the tastes of different local markets. Sunwing has accelerated many styles that are on-trend already for new business starters. We offer customization in:

  • Plant leaf – fresh PE for outdoors and fabric for indoors
  • Trunk – natural wood trunk or plastic trunk
  • Pot – cement or plastic pots in different styles
  • Package – custom package to identify your brand

Whether you are in or out of these artificial decorations before, you can give this prosperous product a chance to prove its profitable value to your existed business.

premium artificial plants

Seeing is believing - Premium Artificial Plants from China

In the industry, there is a significant variation in the quality of plants and trees. Thus, when importing artificial plants wholesale from manufacturers, it is essential to request samples to evaluate their quality and determine if they are suitable for trading purposes.

  1. Pay close attention to the leaves blades, examining them from the dyeing process to the skeleton structure.
  2. Check the connection between the leaves and stems to ensure that they are firmly attached.
  3. Evaluate the trunk appearance, noting whether it is made from plastic, real wood, or fiberglass.
  4. Determine the manufacturing technique used, whether it is a splicing craft or integrated injection method.

As a veteran artificial plant manufacturer in China, we believe that exquisite craftsmanship with strict quality control will produce products of stably premium quality.

artificial trees and plants wholesale catalog

Request Fake Plants Wholesale Brochure

Sunwing welcomes new challenges in developing the most demanding artificial pot plants from different markets. Therefore, we now hold the latest and most styles among many artificial plant suppliers in China. If you are searching for inspiration for an artificial plant pots business, come and let us help with your plan. Get a wholesale catalog now.

Top 8 Bulk Buy Artificial Plants and Trees

Sunwing faux potted plants like monstera, reed grass or banana leave plants on pots are wonderful match for many interior settings both interior or exterior design. Exported to over 50 countries. SGS certified quality.

Artificial Banana Leaf Tree

Artificial Banana Leaf Tree PT002

Artificial Areca Palm

Artificial Areca Palm PT001

artificial monstera plant

Artificial Monstera Plant PT006

Faux Snake Plant

Faux Snake Plant PT005

Faux Banyan Plant

Faux Banyan Plant TPT011

Artificial Fig Tree

Artificial Fig Tree PT003

Artificial Pampas Grass in Pot

Artificial Pampas Grass in Pot PT008

Potted Artificial Sprinkling Banyan Tree

Potted Artificial Sprinkling Banyan Tree PT012

Why Choose Sunwing as your artificial plants supplier

Our artificial potted plants are made using high-quality materials and are crafted with precision to resemble the natural look and feel of real plants. We have a variety of bulk artificial greenery to choose from, including succulents, ferns, cacti, and tropical plants, among others. We take pride in our dedication to sustainability, minimizing our environmental impact while still delivering high-quality and beautiful plants.

  • Outdoor UV Protection
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturer
  • Botanically Correct
  • Fire Retardant (Optional)
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Real Color Performance

Welcome To See Our Artificial Plants Factory Online

Welcome to Sunwing, your reliable artificial plants wholesale supplier. We invite you to visit our factory in Nanjing, China where we provide professional guidance, custom design for your market, free sampling, quick lead time, packaging consultation, goods inspection support, and a 5-year indoor warranty.

sunwing artificial plants manufacturer

Is it possible to manipulate the shape of the tree trunk and branches?

Unfortunately, the trunk cannot be reshaped. However, the branches can be bent to some extent. It’s important to note that if you apply excessive force or bend them too much, they may snap off.

What are your fake plants made of?

The blade material contains plastic cloth, silk and PE. Most of our potted plants leaves are made of plastic cloth, turning out to be shiny and elastic. (This kind of material is easy to achieve UV and fire protection.) The silk ones have a matte surface and do not have any elasticity. (Normally, this kind of material is hard to achieve special performance.) The PE plants refer to artificial boxwood plants and are perfect for the outdoors.

The trunk material includes plastic and real wood. Plastic is the most used material for artificial potted trees, but they are expensive. Plastic rods can only be up to 2M. If it is too high, the plant will be soft and easy to deform and fall. You can also consider natural wooden trunks to reduce costs or to purchase taller fake trees in pots.

How long does the delivery take?

Regular products usually take to 3 weeks. But customized products will take longer and it may need 60 working days if the transportation company has problems with inventory.

How many types are there in your factory and can I customize?

  • By size: small/mini plants, medium plants, large/tall/big plants
  • By tree types: over 300+ plant varieties, including topiary trees
  • By placement: desktop artificial potted plants, floor artificial trees in pots, fake plants in hanging pots

Of course, you can ask for customization. At Sunwing artificial plants, our team works tirelessly to give you a hassle-free experience at every stage of the process of creating customized plants.

  • Our artificial plants are specifically designed to cater to the local market, ensuring a unique and personalized touch.
  • Our custom potted plants are crafted with lifelike detail and are built to withstand the test of time.
  • Our quick sampling and mass production capabilities allow us to bring our products to market with exceptional speed.
  • Elevate your brand with our customized packaging solutions that will help your products stand out from the competition.
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