Before the start, I want to ask you two questions. First: have you ever stepped on the pit when importing artificial plants? Second, Do you know how to choose a qualified and reasonably priced supplier? In fact, judging whether it is a good artificial plants manufacturer is nothing more than three points: innovation, quality, and service. Referred to as the “IQS” principle in the following pages. Today, I will start with 4 categories of simulated plants as well as introduce Sunwing’s “IQS” principle in detail.

Sunwing factory


In the beginning, let’s take a look at the brief introduction of Sunwing. Sunwing is a professional artificial plants manufacturer with over 10 years in this industry. Owing to these bountiful experience, Sunwing has been devoted to pursuing innovation. On the whole, it supplies a wide range of products, including artificial hedges, artificial plants & flowers, preserved plants, artificial plants in pots, and so on. In addition, Sunwing is able to manufacture outdoor UV protected and commercial fire retardant artificial plants, catering to your desired designs, colors & dimensions.

The scope of the “IQS” principle– innovation, quality, and service is actually very wide. As you understand, “Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” In regard to quality, it depends not only on the appearance or simulation but also on the material. Because the material quality usually determines the quality warranty, in turn, affects its facade. In light of service, in common sense, it includes pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales. Without any doubt, it is not easy to carry out these points very well. So, how does Sunwing implement the “IQS” principle with regard to the following four aspects?


Sunwing– Artificial Hedges Factory

The use of hedge is bound to be very wide, which is suitable for household and commercial occasions. Hedges can not only play a significant role in the privacy screen but also act as a stunning greenery background wall.


Artificial hedgesSunwing “IQS”: innovation

Sunwing starts as a factory to make artificial hedges, which have expanded from the initial two categories to the current six and will continue to increase depending on the practical situation. The global outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 has led to the collapse of many enterprises. Fortunately, Sunwing not only went through it but also made more profits. Why? It is not only because of customers’ trust but also thanks to Sunwing’s innovation. Some of the categories in the hedge were originally the best sellers in the world. Sunwing has brought forth the new. The factory has produced a new batch of hedges, and some of them are even in short supply.

Sunwing “IQS”: quality– fire retardant

Sunwing as an artificial plant manufacturer, commits to manufacturing IFR (inherently fire rated) artificial hedges, so as to meet the fire codes for indoor building commit. Sunwing hedges have passed ISO13823 fire tests for grade B fire-retardant effect as well as NFPA 701 flame test for interior building application.

Sunwing “IQS”: Service

Regarding pre-sales, here take my own purchasing online as an example. A few years ago, when searching the internet, I happened to see an advertisement on a domestic website. No intention, I clicked in and found that the page was promoting the artificial boxwood hedges. After browsing the whole page, I planned to decorate my courtyard. When I click on the merchant’s “chat” window, there was no immediate response. It didn’t matter, so I waited a few minutes,… another few minutes. However, twenty minutes later, I lost patience and left the site.

In contrast, Sunwing sales always respond to us in a few minutes. It’s not surprising that you may say I “made a fuss over a trifle”. But I must tell you that the timely response before sales precisely reflects the attitude of the website towards the clients. Needless to say, you will understand.


Sunwing– Artificial Plants & Flowers Supplier

On some special occasions, such as weddings, festivals and anniversaries, we tend to see a variety of flowers and plants. As a matter of fact, they are not real but artificial. Due to the convenience and low/zero maintenance, these simulation flowers have become an indispensable part of many scenes in daily life.


Artificial plants & flowersSunwing “IQS”: innovation

Nowadays, Sunwing has manufactured the ranges from wreath/garlands, topiary, art framed plants wall to artificial plants arrangements. Regularly, all the department heads gather to make a plan on improving and renewing a single product in several categories. On the basis of collected data of plants/flowers that no one cares about, the design team will redesign the drawings. When all departments reach a consensus, the factory then make samples and forward carry out small-scale production.

Sunwing “IQS”: quality– 100% fresh new PE

As mentioned before, the quality of artificial flowers is very important. First of all, you have to carefully check its overall and detailed look. It has been a tradition that Sunwing artificial plants manufacturer imports 100% fresh new PE, and make the lateral production. As a result of raw materials, the flowers will appear hyper-realistic with textures and colors. Moreover, it proves that recycled PE tends to last no more than 6 months, while the freshest PE will stay green for at least 2 years. Apparently, 100% fresh new PE is much better than the recycled lying in the look and warranty.

Sunwing “IQS”: service

The size, style, and function of each category have a certain statement. It’s possible that some importers are not very clear about the specification on the web. At this time, it is necessary for the artificial flowers supplier to tell the customer clearly in the early stage. As a result, this way can promote future communication. If you have any idea, you can tell Sunwing sales team that they will give professional answers and provide you with satisfactory designs.


Sunwing– Preserved Plants Manufacturer


Preserved plantsPreserved plants tend to come in stylish shapes and sizes, which is perfect for indoor or outdoor design. It not only adds greenery for space but also has an impressive effect according to its appearance. Obviously, it can be a choice for many store owners or gardeners.

Sunwing “IQS”: innovation

At present, Sunwing has manufactured the preserved plants, including a preserved wreath, preserved topiary, and reindeer moss. For one thing, Sunwing has created a wide range of styles or shapes, circular, rectangular, animal shape, topiary letters, and so on. Actually, the factory will continue to recreate new products. For another thing, everyone in Sunwing is glad to express their opinions on the new preserved plants, thus to form brainstorming.

Sunwing “IQS”: quality– heavy metal free

When it comes to artificial plants, especially for indoor use, some people may worry about health issues. To be honest, it’s reasonable because I am one of some people. We live on this earth, but the individual’s health is easily affected by many factors and threats every day. It is because of this consideration that Sunwing pays attention to the quality and firmly does not use outdated or unexplained materials, which may contain heavy metals. Moreover, Sunwing has passed the SGS certificate in light of the heavy metal test, which is a strong guarantee.

Sunwing “IQS”: service

When you have decided to purchase artificial preserved plants from a supplier, I wonder if you have encountered such a problem that sales can’t answer the relevant questions you asked. And you find it difficult to communicate with each other. So, in Sunwing, there is no such problem. On one hand, all our employees, including those in the workshop, have systematically studied and been trained in industry knowledge. On the other hand, our sales stand by your side for your sake and solve problems for you.


Sunwing– Artificial Plants in Pots Wholesaler

Until now, plenty of individuals have decorated their houses or offices, stores with artificial plants pots rather than real plants. Thanks to low/no maintenance and eco-friendly, artificial plants in pots have a continuous influence in the surrounding polish as well as arrangement ornament.


Artificial plants in potsSunwing “IQS”: innovation

In common sense, artificial potted plants should only comply with indoor occasions. Because they have a certain size and pot, which may be not suitable for the outdoors. However, considering the situation of exterior plants, Sunwing manufactured a series of artificial trees that can be custom along with small potted plants. By observing the leaves, shapes, and branches of real plants, Sunwing retains the original trunks and provides several pots for you to choose from.

Sunwing “IQS”: quality– UV-rated foliage

Sunwing uses high-quality materials to design and produce each artificial plants pots. For outdoor application, these pot trees can resist fading because of UV powders into the molds and materials during the production process. That means UV protection isn’t sprayed but inserted and mixed into the foliage. In this way, the artificial plants pots have the highest sun ray protection. Therefore, it has a greater opportunity to deal with the sun and prevent the occurrence of fading and cracking.

Sunwing “IQS”: service

When you start a business with your supplier for a period of time, you’ll find that he may not be so enthusiastic about you. Especially, when your relationship is over, the sales responsible for you may disappear, unless you turn to him or place an order again. Indeed, this is not conducive to establishing a long-term stable relationship. For Sunwing team, they will not only do their best to serve before and during the sale, but also pay close attention to your dynamics after cooperation, and send care in time. Without a doubt, this is the “humanitarian” advocated by this company.

In recent years, the simulation industry is booming, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. However, some suppliers “have a good look without substantial ability and want to fish in troubled waters”. For your business, you’d better brighten your eyes when choosing the artificial plants manufacturer. If you have any questions or thoughts, contact thru

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