Professional Artificial Plants Supplier in China

If you are a Trader, Chain Store, Company, Organization, or Institution that is engaged in sourcing Artificial Plants China at Wholesale Prices, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Sunwing Industries Ltd is a factory-direct Artificial Plants Manufacturer and Supplier with 18 years of experience.

Our Main Customers are in Construction, Architecture & Planning, Landscaping, Horticulture, Interior Design, Farming, Furniture, and other industries.

We proudly Export to North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Sunwing Artificial Plants Factory Capacity

artificial plants factory supply ability

Strong Production & Supply Ability

Our 800000+ square meters factory is equipped with mature manufacturing machines and hundreds of molds that can supply 1000000 pieces/per month. Here at Sunwing, 100+ production lines run all day long.

Artificial Plants Custom Solutions

One-stop Custom Solutions

Sunwing’s artificial plants come in a wide variety of options, regardless of size, shape, or color. According to your product requirement and budget, our team is able to provide exclusive plans for your artificial plants business range.

uv resistant & fire rated fake plants

UV Resistant & Fire Rated Technology

To prevent outdoor plants from fading, we use industry-leading UV-resistant materials during the manufacturing process. Besides, Sunwing provides artificial hedges with Class B fire retardant certificates that are needed to ask for building permits of fire-safe departments.

Timely Shipping and Delivery

Timely Shipping and Delivery

Your order will be shipped directly from our factory and is always guaranteed to be in stock. We plan in advance to anticipate your needs. Our warehouse guarantees the delivery of wholesale artificial plants as soon as possible so that no project will be delayed due to a supply shortage.

Complete Quality Inspection

Complete Quality Inspection

‘The more quality control you do, the less risk you will have!’ is our simple rule. Sunwing’s factory strictly follows these 4 rules: IQC, IPQC, FQC, QQC. If the audited products fail the committed rationale of products acceptance standard, we must reproduce them.

Professional Design/Marketing Support

Professional Design/Marketing Support

Sunwing’s R&D team is highly knowledgeable about designing and creating new products. We follow the latest trends that keep it at the top of the industry. We’re happy to give you all support to level up your indoor/outdoor artificial plants projects.

Wholesale Artificial Plants Range

sunwing artificial trees pots plants supply

Artificial Potted Plants

These artificial plants in pots are a brilliant way to breathe life into a home or office space.

These cost-effective artificial potted plants or artificial trees come with various plant pot stands and come in many different styles based on real-life plants such as Monsteras and Palm Trees.

With our low-price artificial plant pots, you can bring some green life into an indoor environment without needing to water the plants or get rid of pesky insects!

These are the perfect low-cost low-maintenance solution to a drab interior.

Artificial Topiary Trees

Looking to add a unique design accent to your décor? Apart from artificial topiary spheres, our artificial topiary trees add a fun new twist to your space, and clients frequently use them to give their office space or garden a sense of class and sophistication.

These are more than just artificial trees in pots – these are carved topiary ball designs that resemble the work of an expert landscaper but in the artificial form!

Our artificial topiary trees come in 4 different varieties – artificial spiral trees, artificial cone (pyramid) trees, artificial topiary ball tress, and heart-shaped topiary in pots.

Our topiary balls trees can come with 1, 2, or 3 balls depending on your design preference.

These products are UV protected, so they can be used either indoors or outdoors with a 3-year to 5-year warranty.

sunwing artificial PE wreaths garlands and swags

Artificial Wreath, Swags & Garlands

When it comes to decoration accessories, our artificial wreaths, garlands & swags can be the most perfect match. Up to now, we have upgraded with three sections.

Artificial wreath: In general, Sunwing artificial flower wreath is made of silk, so as to keep hyper-realistic a real touch. Without a doubt, these cute floral wreaths are especially suitable for weddings and also eye-catching as a door decor.
Artificial garland: Our garland collection is devoted to creating stunning greenery in homes, parties, or events. Made of fresh PE, these faux green vines are hardly to fade or even die whether indoors or outdoors,
Artificial swag: Our swags are certain to be a great choice for brightening up interiors. With first-class raw materials, they are nearly natural with fresh colors and textures meanwhile beautifying the indoors with maintenance-free and eco-friendly solutions.

These artificial plants not only add greenery and beauty to the scenes but also keep realistic all over time. Welcome to send by mail or contact us directly for interests.

Artificial Greenery Plants

Ivy and creepers or artificial greenery can give a rustic look to homes and businesses, which is why we created our artificial creepers, artificial hanging plant or mix for green wall products to help consumers recreate this look for themselves.

Our artificial creepers and hanging plants come in various styles at factory direct pricing, featuring PE with anti-UV that makes them suitable for outdoors. Some small bushes and branches can be aligned with design to form garden wall panels.

Searching to import indoor or outdoor artificial plants decor and finding a trusted artificial plants supplier China!

artificial single plants for green wall hanging

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