These artificial plants in pots are a brilliant way to breathe life into a home or office space.

These cost-effective artificial potted plants come with various plant pot stands and come in many different styles based on real-life plants such as Monsteras and Palm Trees.

With our low-price artificial potted plants, you can bring some green life into an indoors environment without needing to water the plants or get rid of pesky insects!

These are the perfect low-cost low-maintenance solution to a drab interior.


Looking to add a unique design accent to your décor? Our artificial topiary trees add a fun new twist to your space, and clients frequently use them to give their office space or garden a sense of class and sophistication.

These are more than just artificial trees in pots – these are carved topiary ball designs which resemble the work of an expert landscaper but in artificial form!

Our artificial topiary trees come in 4 different varieties – artificial spiral trees, artificial cone (pyramid) trees, artificial topiary ball tress, and heart-shaped topiary in pots.

Our topiary balls trees can come with 1, 2, or 3 balls depending on your design preference.

These products are UV protected, so they can be used either indoors or outdoors with a 3-year to 5-year warranty.


Many people want hanging floral baskets outside their home, but they know that upkeep can be inconvenient and difficult.

However, with artificial floral baskets, your hanging baskets or table top can now be decorated with artificial foliage which requires very little maintenance!

Our flower arrangements in baskets can be customized to customers’ needs and requirements, and we can supply your business with the necessary accessories like tailor-made iron wrought hooks, LED lights, and tags packages.

We work with experienced designers to guarantee realistic and appealing artificial floral baskets.


Ivy and creepers can give a rustic look to homes and businesses, which is why we created our artificial creepers and artificial hanging plants products to help consumers recreate this look for themselves.

Our artificial creepers and hanging plants come in various styles at factory direct pricing, featuring PE that makes them suitable for outdoors.

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