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Our premier line of artificial vertical garden and green wall products is the perfect suit for your company and your customers. The benefits of choosing our vertical garden panels for commercial landscape projects are endless! Provide you with unrivaled 24/7 customer service, Dedication to your brand’s success with marketing collateral and resources.

Signature Panels

Our signature artificial living walls are ideal for various settings, both indoor and outdoor. We manufacture all of our own artificial plant wall coverings, so they can be customized according to your target markets’ needs and tastes. All of our artificial plant wall coverings are manufactured in our own factory to our exacting standards, with various options available for designs, products, packaging, and foliage sprays.

We produce all of our artificial living walls according to ISO 9001, and all are certified as being SGS quality. Depending on your business’s needs, you can opt to have the artificial plant wall coverings treated with UV protection and fire retardant, making them incredibly safe both indoors and outdoors. Our products are very realistic-looking, designed to mimic natural flora that one might find in a lush garden.

Our artificial living walls are incredibly easy to assemble and install, usually coming in panels of 1m x 1m, although this is customizable with our bespoke orders. These artificial plant wall coverings will have a shelf life of about 3 years if displayed outside and exposed to the elements, although they have a 5-year warranty which stipulates that they should last for 5 years if displayed safely indoors during that time.

artificial green wall panels

Artificial Vertical Gardens VS Artificial Plant Walls

Our naturalistic, artificial green wall panels and hedge panels are packed with lush, varied foliage for an ultra-realistic, customizable look.

DURABLE AND 100% RECYCLABLE– 100% recyclable materials made to last and withstood Aussie weather.
UNIQUE SNAP & LOCK SYSTEM- Panels designed to connect with a grid system.
EARTH + HUMAN FRIENDLY- No toxic chemicals or heavy metals. 100% safe.
UV PROTECTED– Protection inside leaf for ultimate coverage. Backed by a 5-year guarantee.
CUSTOMISE AND DESIGN- Cut to a shape you desire or need – super easy and quick to install to fit your wall.

Color Boxes

If you have a certain aesthetic or color scheme that you’re trying to go for, then our bespoke color boxes are the best way for you to enjoy these artificial vertical garden plants. If you would like a customized artificial green wall plant panel, simply peruse our “green walls catalog” and select your preferred foliage hedges panels and foliage sprays from the catalog.

Next, fix the decorative artificial vertical garden plants onto the panel(s) with zip ties according to your preferred style. Design artificial green wall plants which match the décor and feel you’re going for.

Artificial Vertical Garden Panels Detail

  • SGS certified quality
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001
  • UV treated (optional)
  • Bespoke Design
  • Fire-retarded (Optional)
  • Enchanting natural looking
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Regular size: 100mm*100mm (customizable)
  • Long lasting outdoors for over 3 years
  • Five years warranty for safe indoors

Artificial Vertical Gardens / Screens & Panels

Artificial Green Wall-high specs and premium quality assured. Artificial Vertical Gardens with Durable Green Walls, Screens, and Panels is Outstanding Quality UV Engineered.3-5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

artificial geen wall B027

Artificial Green Wall B027

artificial vertical garden B028

Artificial Vertical Garden B028

artificial living wall outdoor B031

artificial living wall outdoor B031

artificial garden walls A155

artificial garden walls A155

faux vertical garden B051-JM

faux vertical garden B051-JM

artificial vertical wall B052

artificial vertical wall B052

artificial garden wall panels HB026

artificial garden wall panels HB026

artificial plants wall HB053

artificial plants wall HB053

faux garden wall panels HL037

faux garden wall panels HL037

fake green wall HL046

fake green wall HL046

Why Choose Sunwing as Artificial Vertical Garden Supplier

We have our own development team and artificial plant factory where we painstakingly manufacture our artificial plant walls according to our exacting standards. We ensure that our products are compliant with ISO 9001 and certified as safe for use in the UK by SGS, coming with a 4-5 UV protection rating as standard. What’s more – they’re also free from heavy metals and are fire retardant to at least a C-level or above.

  • Outdoor UV Protection
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturer
  • Botanically Correct
  • Fire Resistant (Optional)
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Real Color Performance

Make an Impact with Our Artificial Green Walls

Our wholesalers and distributors’ end-customers use artificial green wall panels for business & home use, indoor and outdoor use. Artificial living wall has Instant green, zero maintenance & cost effective With natural, 3D, realistic foliage & easy to install features.

Artificial Green Walls for indoors and outdoors use

How many pieces needed for a minimum order about artificial garden wall?

50-100 pieces. Sunwing only accepts OEM Bulk Orders, which means your purchased quantity needs to meet MOQ or Value exceeds $3000.

What is your artificial vertical garden panels lead time production?

For artificial vertical garden product, usually needs one month to arrive at your port. Artificial plants wall need large
handwork. The delivery time is longer, around 45 days.

Artificial vertical gardens and artificial plant walls. What is the difference between these options?

Normally, artificial vertical garden is cheaper. Artificial plants wall are all made of small branches, so they are thick and have a very good 3D effect. Also, the cost is higher compared with a vertical gardens.

How many SQM are 1CT of 20´? (100x100cm size)

For a 20’ft container, the loading quantity can be around 700pcs for an artificial vertical garden. It varies from different items and different seasons. For example, the loading quantity in winter is less than that in Summer.

About OEM/ODM ?

Welcome OEM/OEM. Our team comprises highly skilled florists and talented designers working closely with our experienced sales team. We offer a personalized service to all our customers, and we are on hand to help and advise on your artificial plants wholesale bulk orders, Choose Sunwing as your artificial green wall supplier.

artificial green wall supplier

Angela Feng  |  Sales Director

15+ years of sales experience in the import and export industry
12+ years of artificial plants products knowledge

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