Artificial Hedge Wall

  • Hospitality Plants Walls
    Good for transforming coffee shop, hotel or restaurants areas
  • Commercial Rated Foliage Walls
    Quality UV protection offers over 3-year outdoor lifespan
  • Exterior Green Wall
    Colorful green walls covered by @decograss with sunwing greenery
  • Business Building Greening
    Suitable for Office department decor indoors and outdoors
  • artificial hedge wall for pool decor
    Make your backyard feel like a resort
  • boxwood hedges wall for hall
    Boxwood hedges wall for large hall
    Fade-resistant choice for wall design and decor

Artificial Vertical Plants

  • L002+H005 Green Wall Mix
    Designed and installed by @decograss for outdoors
  • artificial outside plants wall
    Fencescreen for Outdoor Garden
    Unique green walls that set your property apart
  • indoor vertical plant wall
    Accent Trim Inside Buildings
    Transform any interiors with unique green wall styles

Boxwood in planter

  • outdoor privacy screen with movable hedging planters
    Movable box hedging in planters
    Outdoor privacy screen with movable hedging planters
  • Green Maze
    Solid green boxwood in planters for maze creation
  • movable planters on wheels
    Boxwood Hedging as boundary
    Movable planters on wheels that withsand wind and harsh weather

Indoor moss wall

  • Moss Wall Art
    Combine both reindeer moss and other crafted moss
  • green wall with reindeer moss
    Interior plants wall moss
    Natural reindeer moss for indoor wall plants design
  • indoor moss wall supply
    Art 3D Moss Wall Design
    Wholesale supply preserved natural moss for wall

Outdoor Topiary Plants

  • garden topiary without maintenance
    Garden topiary plants and pots
    Outdoor garden restoration with little maintenance
  • outdoor topiary balls and trees
    Topiary balls and trees for hospitality
    Commercial exterior decor with artificial topiary plants
  • doorway hanging topiary manufacture
    Doorway hanging topiary balls
    Customizable artificial topiaries manufacture for different markets

Artificial grass fence

  • artificial grass wall
    Artificial grass fence wall for outdoors
    UV tolerant artificial turf screen for long lasting privacy
  • iron wire wall grass fence
    Artificial iron wire wall grass for shield
    Fence screen synthetic turf with 3-5 year warranty
  • outdoor artificial turf fence screen
    Outdoor artificial turf fence screen
    Protect property with privacy grass screen

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