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Your Artificial Ivy Supplier and Manufacturer

Since 2004, Sunwing has been the leading fake ivy plants supplier in China. With over 18 years of continuous growth, Sunwing delivers ISO-certified artificial ivy products to wholesalers and distributors. We mainly manufacture bulk fake ivy in different varieties and sizes, including ivy fence rolls, and Vines, Pot Series to suit your needs.

Dedication to R&D enables the company to launch the newest fake ivy styles of plants, bushes, and green walls. As an experienced manufacturing vendor, we have worked with numerous businesses in the home and garden industries’ unique needs, such as retailers and wholesalers of artificial plants, artificial grass, homewares, etc.

Looking for a reliable artificial ivy manufacturer? Buy fake ivy in bulk from Sunwing and let us help you grow your business.

Wholesale Faux Ivy in Bulk

Sunwing has more than 300 in-stock wholesale artificial ivy models that you can choose from our existing product line. They cater to industries involving event rentals, building materials, commercial projects, and artificial plant suppliers.

Lush fake ivy wall

Fake ivy walls are artificial wall coverings that mimic the look of real ivy. They typically consist of artificial ivy leaves and buses that are attached to a mesh or net backing. These artificial ivy walls can provide privacy while adding a natural touch to an exterior space.

Sunwing fake ivy panels come in different shades of green and can be cut to fit the desired area and shape. Three options are available for your bulk purchases, including 50x50cm Ivy Hedge Panels, 90x180cm Expandable Ivy Trellis, and 1x3m Ivy Fence Rolls.

Some fake ivy walls even have LED lights woven into them to create a glowing effect. For covering an unsightly wall or fence or to add privacy to a patio or deck, a realistic ivy leaf wall will be a more affordable and low-maintenance alternative.

outdoor fake privacy ivy fence
fake ivy panel

Outdoor fake ivy panel

Model: HA005
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 800 pcs

artificial ivy wall panel

Artificial ivy wall panel

Model: HA015
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 800 pcs

DIY Faux living wall

DIY Faux living wall

Model: HH039
Size: 50x100cm
MOQ: 300 pcs

fake ivy wall

Premium fake ivy wall

Model: HA029
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 800 pcs

faux ivy fence

Faux ivy fence for privacy

Model: HA063
Size: 50x50cm
MOQ: 800 pcs

ivy fence roll

UV Stable ivy fence roll

Model: HB003
Size: 100x300cm
MOQ: 300 pcs

artificial ivy green wall

Artificial ivy green wall

Model: HB004-1
Size: 100x100cm
MOQ: 50 pcs

expandable ivy trellis

Expandable ivy trellis

Model: HW043
Size: 90x180cm
MOQ: 300 pcs

Outdoor & Indoor Fake Ivy Vines Garlands

The fake ivy vine is a kind of artificial hanging greenery that usually acts as a decorative accent in indoor or outdoor spaces. The leaves and tendrils add greenery to areas where real plants cannot survive. Made of durable PE materials and with UV protection, artificial ivy garlands wholesale can stay vibrant for a long time against fading.

Our fake ivy vines have different lengths, colors, and leaf shapes. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as draping them along the top of a bookshelf, wrapping them around a porch railing, or hanging them in a window. They can also be used as a base for artificial flower arrangements or as a way to add greenery to empty spaces in a room.

decorative fake ivy vines & garlands
fake ivy with flowers

Fake ivy with flowers

Size: 120cm
MOQ: 360 pcs

artificial ivy garland

Artificial ivy garland

Model: TT21
Size: 300cm
MOQ: 240 pcs

fake ivy leaf

Bulk Fake ivy leaf

Model: KF01
Size: 100cm
MOQ: 360 pcs

artificial ivy vine

Custom artificial ivy vine

Model: TT44
Size: 120cm
MOQ: 360 pcs

ivy vine with light

Fake ivy vine with light

Model: HTS073
Size: 120cm
MOQ: 360 pcs

hanging ivy vine

Artificial hanging ivy vine

Model: HTS031
Size: 120cm
MOQ: 360 pcs

fake ivy bush

Bulk fake ivy bush

Model: BG028
Size: 80cm
MOQ: 320 pcs

English ivy plant

English ivy plant

Model: BG050
Size: 60cm
MOQ: 360 pcs

Decorative artificial ivy plant in pot

Faux ivy plants in pots are worth an investment as they do not require watering, sunlight or any maintenance. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and retain their color and shape for many years. These artificial ivy plants are placed in pots, usually made of plastic or ceramic, making them easy to move from one place to another. These plants are popularly used in offices, living rooms, kitchens, balconies or patios, or in commercial spaces, where maintaining live plants is difficult.

Are you looking for custom artificial ivy plants in bulk? Sunwing will be your second-to-none choice. Among China’s top artificial plant manufacturers, Sunwing is committed to producing all kinds of artificial potted plants for wholesalers. We have professionals to deal with clients’ customized orders as well as built-to-spec and design support.

outdoor trailing artificial ivy plant in pot
fake ivy plant

Fake ivy plant

Size: custom size
MOQ: 300 pcs

potted artificial ivy

Potted artificial ivy

Size: custom size
MOQ: 300 pcs

Boston ivy plant

Artificial Boston ivy plant

Size: custom size
MOQ: 300 pcs

Having trouble locating what you need? Reach out to our experts for more options.

Full Solutions From Custom Artificial Green Wall Supplier

At Sunwing, we manufacture and supply fake ivy plants that boost your company’s image among target demographics.

Ivy Variety

  • English ivy
  • Boston ivy
  • Irish ivy
  • Ivy geranium
  • Ivy Ficus Pumila

We have classic types known for deep green and glossy leaves that are used in hanging baskets or as trailing plants, or to cover walls & fences. To match the desired atmosphere of the interior or exterior design, we seek to imitate the actual appearance of various natural ivy plants.

Ivy Shapes

  • Ivy hedge panels
  • Ivy vines
  • Ivy wreaths
  • Ivy topiaries
  • Custom shapes

At Sunwing, you will find what you need, whether long, string-like pieces of fake ivy garlands&vines, circular artificial ivy wreaths, ivy bushes, or those shaped into specific forms. Decades of specialty in OEM&ODM manufacturing allow us to respond to customized inquiries quickly.

Ivy Size

  • 50x50cm square panel
  • 90x180cm grid
  • 1x3m roll
  • 80~300cm stem
  • Custom sizes

Choose the size according to your customer’s preference and the space to decorate. Our artificial ivy walls can be cut to fit specific measurements as they come in panels that can be joined together. While artificial ivy vines can vary depending on how many leaves and how thickly they are packed.

artificial plant molding

Learn Fake Ivy Manufacturing

The Sunwing Artificial Plant factory covers 8,000 square meters of working houses with dozens of production lines, including artificial hedges, artificial green walls, artificial plants, also fake ivy.

The faux ivy leaves and vines are often molded or shaped from plastic or polyester and then colored and detailed to look like real ones. The wire shapes the vines and gives them flexibility and movement. Some artificial ivy may include stems and flowers made from silk or other fabrics.

Once our technicians create a mold of ivy leaf, the whole line begins. We use fresh new PE or silk materials to cast the ivy leaves and treat them to the desired color and texture. To prolong the life of fake ivies outdoors, we also add a premium-grade anti-UV stabilizer, absorber, and blocker during this stage.

Fake Ivy Plant Design at Sunwing

Sunwing is a reputable artificial ivy plants wholesale company that not only offers affordable fake ivy for sale but also designs for clients. This allows us to produce faux green ivy that meets your specific requirements in our self-owned factory. Our products have the following advantages:

Suitable for all weather

You can use our fake ivy leaves for exterior landscapes because of their stable chemical structure. UV stabilizers work by converting the UV into heat or reflecting UV radiation, which reduces the amount of energy that reaches the polymer.

artificial plant and hedge design

Lifelike appearance

We pay great attention to detail to ensure high realism by using molds of real ivy leaves. You will find variations in leaf size and shape, as well as variations in the color and texture of the leaves. Our high-quality fake ivy looks realistic and difficult to tell apart from the real.

Full customization

Please be clear and specific about what you are looking for to help us better understand your needs and give an accurate quote. Although customizing fake ivy can be more expensive than buying standard products off the shelf, we stand by your side to cut your costs.

Availability of other accessories

Our company provides accessories such as flowerpots or wall vases, to hold artificial ivy as standalone ornaments. We also offer lights, clips, hooks, ties and other hardware, to secure and position the ivy, allowing for a more versatile and realistic display.

Why choose Sunwing as your fake ivy walls, vines & plants supplier?

bulk fake ivy supplier

1. Cost Saving

By producing products in-house, we can quickly respond to market changes and customer requests, which can help clients reduce costs associated with inventory and stock management.

2. Production Capabilities

Sunwing’s own factory can manufacture 300,000 pieces of fake ivy panels/per month, 2 million pieces of fake ivy garlands/per month, and 1 million pieces of fake potted ivy plants/per month.

3. One-stop Option

When looking for different fake ivy greenery in one place, Sunwing is the right supplier to go to. Though we don’t list all types on the website, you can choose the best option.

4. Worry-free Purchase

Our consultants can speak fluent English, French, Spanish, Japanese, etc. We are willing to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Sunwing’s after-sales services are praised by its clients for years.

Trade Your Wholesale Fake Ivy OEM & ODM Orders Step By Step

Our years of experience in fake ivy manufacturing make us a perfect partner when you want to buy wholesale ivy garlands, ivy plants, and ivy hedges in China.

We Respond to Your Inquiry Within 12 Hours

We acknowledge the significance of time, hence ensuring prompt service delivery. Our quick response time facilitates convenient access to our services.

We deliver customized artificial plant and package design

We know your business is unique. Our professional designers have complete knowledge to create fake plants suitable for different markets and customer needs.

We arrange to send samples to you and comfirm your order

Samples are necessary to evaluate product quality. Before placing an order, we will send samples to the customer to confirm product quality to finalize production order.

We Fulfill Efficient Artificial Plants Manufacturing

Sunwing is capable of mass production. We are equipped with more than 200 machines and hundreds of molds. Mass production can be completed in a timely and efficient manner.

On-time delivey time: 15-30 days

We can provide you with shipping logistics solutions because we know that timely delivery of goods is related to your merchandising and customer satisfaction.

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