Inherently Fire Retardant

Sunwing artificial plants are made using flame-resistant additives and chemicals incorporated during manufacturing. Rest assured, our flame retardant artificial plants come with a guarantee of no sticky, oily, or greasy films.

fully certified

Our collection of fire retardant foliage undergoes strict testing to ensure compliance with fire safety standards worldwide. We are proud to update and expand our collection with improved test results for customers.


Our fireproof faux plants do not release harmful chemicals or substances that could be dangerous to humans or the environment. Neither do we apply any harsh chemicals that may compromise the integrity of the foliage.

Featured fire-retardant artificial plant ranges

At Sunwing Industries Ltd, you’ll discover extensive and premium-grade artificial plants, ranging from replica boxwood to small and large artificial trees, all can be custom-made with fire retardancy. Among our popular wholesale ranges are artificial hedges, faux green walls, bushes, and many others, guaranteeing you’ll find the ideal fire-resistant plants to complement your collection.

fire resistant privacy hedge

fire resistant shrubs

fireproof green wall

IFR Artificial Foliage, Hedge & Plants Wall

Looking for highly realistic plants, vertical gardens and foliage that are made with premium materials and guaranteed to be fire retardant for life? Look no further than these! Our products are the top choice for architects, landscapers, and interior designers who want to add a safe and unique touch to their projects.
Fire Retardant Faux Hedge
Size: 50x50cm
Fire Resistant Privacy Hedge
Size: 50x50cm
Fireproof Artificial Hedge
Size: 50x50cm
flame retardant fake hedge
Flame Retardant Fake Hedge
Size: 50x50cm
Flame Resistant Screen Hedge
Size: 50x50cm
fire resistant shrub
Fire Resistant Shrub
Material: Fresh new PE
Flame Retardant Bush
Material: Fresh new PE
fire safe branch
Fire Safe Branch
Material: Fresh new PE
Fire Retardant Plants Wall
Size: 100x100cm
Fire Retardant Green Wall
Size: 100x100cm

custom-manufacture fire rated artificial plants supplier

At Sunwing, we are a top artificial plant manufacturer based in China. Our faux plants have been certified to provide a calming, secure, and authentic appearance while also being fire-retardant.

  • Wide Custom Options
  • Imported Raw Materials
  • Strict Quality Control
  • 2 Years FR Warranty
  • Ultra-realistic Foliage
  • Sufficient Production Capacity

artificial plant with flame retardant testing

Our IFR foliage at Sunwing has passed fire tests and certifications as below. If you request, we can provide you with the necessary documentation upon purchasing any of our IFR plants and hedge line.

The EN 13823 test, also known as the Single Burning Item (SBI) test, assesses the fire behavior of various construction products when exposed to the thermal attack of a single burning item. The test evaluates several fire-related properties of the material, including ignitability, flame spread, heat release rate, smoke production, and production of flaming droplets/particles.

EN ISO 11925-2 is a European standard that specifies a test method for assessing the reaction to fire performance of materials used in the construction of buildings. The EN ISO 11925-2 test results help classify the material according to its ignitability and contribute to the broader fire performance assessment of construction products. The classification of materials is usually denoted by letters, such as E, F, or NE (Non-evaluated).
EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 is a European standard that relates to the fire classification of construction products and building elements. The test methods described in EN 13501-1 are applicable to a wide range of construction products, such as building materials, thermal insulation, wall and ceiling linings, floorings, and more. The results of the tests are used to classify the materials into different Euroclasses, which indicate their performance in relation to fire safety. The Euroclasses are denoted by letters A1, A2, B, C, D, E, and F, with A1 being the highest level of fire resistance and F representing materials with no performance determined (lowest level).

ISO 6295-1982 is a standard related to the determination of flash points of liquids. Specifically, ISO 6295:1982 is titled “Petroleum products — Determination of flash and fire points — Cleveland open cup method.” This standard provides a procedure for determining the flash point and fire point of petroleum products using the Cleveland open cup method.

The flash point of a substance is the lowest temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air. The fire point is the lowest temperature at which the vapor will continue to burn for at least five seconds.

Construction & building certified artificial greenery

Our fire retardant artificial plants have been used in various spaces, such as government office buildings, public buildings, medical centers, airports, schools and universities, commercial offices, residential living complexes, large indoor sports facilities, shopping Malls, and more…

Hi, Sunwing team!

Paul completed an incoming goods inspection of the Bird of Paradise. It passed inspection. Most importantly, it passed the flame test. Paul said, “It passed with flying colors”.

Regards, MJ

This is my first time purchasing from Sunwing. I inquired about whether their fire-resistant plants complied with the fire safety regulations at the local shopping mall. They promptly responded and helped me pass the fire safety inspection with ease.

Thanks, JS

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